Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most popular and widely used internet security solution that enables you secure browsing, blocking unwanted content, protecting your PC against malwares, and most importantly safeguarding you privacy. With long experience in the field of online security and communications, creators of Hotspot Shield are offering you tool that will without a doubt satisfy your every need.



Hotspot Shield VPN Client enables you to secure your web transactions (e-shopping, e-banking) with HTTPS security protocol that will not allow anyone to gain access to your passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts and data. To protect your sessions even further from online threats, every package Hotspot Shield VPN comes with the integrated antivirus module called AnchorFree.

Hotspot Shield VPN can be uses in both free and paid packages, enabling both ordinary users and large companies to enjoy their security, privacy and anonymity when they are connected to the internet.

Hotspot Shield Features:

Secure your internet, make all sites HTTPS safe.

Hide your IP and ensure anonymous browsing.

Access your favorite sites.

Malware Protection
Detects and blocks known malware sites.



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