How to Manage Dropbox and Other Online Storage at Single Location

Could storage service are most popular service which offers online storage of your data and they have ability to sync file across which device which is connected to the internet. By Preferring this way we can get hold of your file on any device and anywhere in the world and there are many huge online could storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, Amazon Cloud, etc. Mostly all could storage service are offer free few GB storage. But mostly people access multiple account from different could storage service and it is very difficult manage accessing all storage space interdependently.

If you want to access your all cloud storage account at single interface, then Multcloud is best way. Multcloudare help for centralize management of your all different cloud storage drives. It’s support all the popular cloud storage like Dropbox, Google drive ,Amazon cloud , ,Sugar sync.


How to create a multcloud account

It’s pretty simple steps to create account in multcloud and you can not need to pay any kind of premium member ship for crating multcloud account.

  • You need to create account for accessing this service so create account on multcloud (click here).
  • You need to verify your account with your email address then verify you email address.
  • Now you can add your cloud account.

Most important feature of multcloud is you can add multiple account of single service. Like i have two account on dropbox and i want to access my both account so i can use multcloud and access both

Overall, service of Multcloud is awesome and it’s completely free of cost.


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