Remove Shortcut Virus From Pen Drive ,Memorycard or PC without lossing data

Many time we access our pen drive or portable drive at local computers and when we access that drive on our computer that drive are create automatic shortcuts file and folders or others files with Name like Autorun.inf and $RECYCLE.BIN . These is one kind of viruses that automatically create shortcut file as of original folder name with same icons and if you try to open that folder or file you end up with infected computer.

I personally seen this problem with my own external drive and I also scan with original Antivirus software but they fail to remove that. So I decided to post that, by following below method you can remove infected shortcut file from your Flash Drive, Portable drive or Computer.

You need to download Shortcut Virus Remover (Click here to download) then follow below steps.

  • Open Shortcut Virus Remover application.
  • Select portable drive or any other device which you want to scan.
  • Select the drive and press scan button.
  • After finished scanning process, select delete button.
  • Done!!

If you still have any kind of problem then you can comment below.


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