Perfect Effects 4

Choose from over 70 effects to enhance and stylize your images, including effects to create the popular HDR and vintage looks, textures to add depth and dimension, and borders to add a finishing touch. Instantly add any effect with a single click or combine them to create a look of your own.

Perfect Effects 4 Free can be used as a standalone or directly with Adobe® Lightroom®, Photoshop®, Photoshop Elements, or Apple® Aperture® and does not apply any watermarks nor impose limited-time usage.

Opening from Adobe Photoshop

Go to the Window menu in Photoshop and choose Extensions > onOne

  • This will open the onOne panel (below) which allows you to open Perfect Effects 4 Free
  • Make sure to have an image open in Photoshop before launching Perfect Effects 4 Free
  • Double click on “Open Perfect Effects 4″

Opening from Adobe Lightroom

There are two ways to launch the product from within Adobe Lightroom

1) Right click on the image and choose Edit in > Perfect Effects 4

2) Go to the File > Plug-in Extras > Perfect Effects 4

Opening from Apple Aperture

  • To open the product from Apple Aperture, please right click on the photo and choose the following:
  • Edit with Plug-in  > Perfect Effects 4…

Opening the Standalone

  • On Windows, go to Start > All Programs > onOne Software > Perfect Effects 4
  • On Macintosh, go to Applications > Perfect Effects 4
  • The following icon will open the application

Once the application is open, go to the File menu and choose Browse. You will then be able to browse to an image you want to use in Perfect Effects 4 Free.

  • Once the image is open, please choose Effects from the module selector

Using Perfect Effects 4 Free

Once you have Perfect Effects 4 Free open, you can get a live preview of each effect available.

Once you see the effect on your main image, you can adjust the strength of each effect.

In Perfect Effects 4 free, you can stack multiple effects to create your own unique look.



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