Easily View Forgotten Passwords In Mac OS X

Easily View Forgotten Passwords In Mac OS X .

▶ Passwords are integral part our daily life.

▶ Remembering multiple passwords for multiple accounts is a difficult task.

▶ Luckily, my Mac remembers most of my passwords and enters them automatically.

 But, there lies a problem here. What is it? Read the article below…..


When the passwords were first introduced on the Internet, there were no restrictions on it. It could be anything, some even used “password” as their password for most of their accounts.

Easily View Forgotten Passwords In Mac OS X

With hackers easily able to guess such passwords and break in into the system, every person on Internet was at stake.

Later, it was suggested to add a few numbers to the password so that it makes your account more secured and difficult to break in.

These days, some websites ask you to add an upper case letter or special character in your passwords.

Infact, some of the sites I use, force me to create a new password every 45 days, making me scratch my head every time to think of something new.

The problem…..

Having essential security on the Internet is very much necessary. With thousands of cyber-criminals waiting for a chance to break into your accounts, good passwords are the need of the hour.

Ofcourse, security is the primary criteria for everyone on the Internet.

But, there lies a problem here. The number of accounts I have on Internet are just not accountable. I literally don’t even have a count of it. Then imagine the conditions of their passwords.

When I don’t even have the count of the accounts, how can you even expect me to remember the passwords for them ?

I have forgotten (still sometimes forget) most of my passwords a number of times and retrieving them is quite a lengthy process. You will have to answer hint questions, prove yourself, enter details and at last have to wait for the email.

My Mac..

Luckily, my Mac remembers most of my passwords and enters them automatically.

The Keychain application found on Mac OS X will store your login and password information and insert them in the required fields.

But here lies another problem. After some time, those passwords generated as “**********” are forgotten too. So, how to know them?

Quick Solution!!

Here is a simple way to retrieve these passwords:

1>> Navigate to your Applications > Utilities.

2>> Open Keychain Access.

3>> Verify “All Items” is highlighted on the left.

4>> Type name of website of application in search box.

5>> Double click on searched item result you.

6>> Place a check the “Show Password” box.

(The last step requires you to insert your login password. Hopefully, that’s a password you won’t need extra help remembering.)


Easily View Forgotten Passwords In Mac OS X

Last Words

Passwords are an integral part of our lives. Every one has to have a password which is good enough to keep the hackers at bay. It’s a must.

And one more thing, the Keychain application is not just limited to remembering website login information, but it can also store application passwords as well.

It was first introduced on Apple’s e-mail system, Power Talk and was later discontinued. The great Steve Jobs brought the technology back as a standard part of Mac OS 9 and later OS X.

So, are you all set to use some more complex passwords ?


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