How to become Famous on Facebook following Simple Tips?


Different people use Facebook for different things. But every one wants to be famous on Facebook.

▶ Well in this article, I have listed various tips that will help you get popular among your friends on Facebook.

▶ Just take a few minutes to quickly go through these tips.

▶ But remember, this is not an overnight thing!  It will definitely need some effort from your side to climb to the top.

▶ So, are you ready to get famous?

▶ Then, let’s do it!

So you want to become famous on Facebook?

Facebook – some call it one of the best inventions of the 21st century. And yes, these are the people who hang in there 24/7. While some busily keep chatting with friends without any breaks, others just keep refreshing the page thinking they will get to see something new every time they refresh.

Now, if you don’t belong to any of these categories, then you should be happy that you are normal and use Facebook occasionally for playing games, share news and a few stories now and then.

It’s true that Facebook is used differently by different people to do different things. But what unites everyone is the desire to be famous or popular among friends on Facebook.

So you want to become famous on Facebook? Well, I am definitely going to help you with that. But you should keep one thing in mind, this is not an overnight thing that happens as soon as you say “Abracadabra”. It will definitely need some effort from your side to climb to the top.

So, are you ready? Well, then let’s see how we can make you famous on Facebook!


Why do you want to be famous?

Just before we get started with the tips to get famous on Facebook, it is also important to know why you want to become famous or popular?

Do you want to grab everyone’s attention just for the fun of it? Or do you have a specific skill or talent you want to show off. It is also possible that you are inspired to help others by sharing your knowledge on specific things which you know well. Whatever the reason is, knowing why you want to be famous on Facebook will further give wings to your desire.

Once you have decided, why you want to become famous on Facebook, you can continue reading next sections.

Here is a list of some of the coolest tips that will make you famous among your friends on FACEBOOK:

1. Profile Picture –  This is the first and most important part of becoming famous on Facebook. If you want to be famous, you must have the best profile picture. You might have seen your school friend who looked fat and dark now looks cool and fair in their profile picture. Of course they wouldn’t have transformed, it’s all in the magic of photoshop and other picture editing tools. All you need to do is to get the best shot of yourself and apply all photoshop gimmicks to make it look the best.

Try something very different and creative, this will definitely grab the eyeballs of all your friends.

2. Timeline Cover Photo – The timeline cover photo has to sync with your profile picture. It has to tell something about your character. It has to be unique and capture your inner self. One can get crazily creative using Profile Picture and Timeline Cover in sync.

Take a look at this example below:

want to become poular among friends on facebook

3. Status Update – The status updates are another vital aspect of becoming famous on Facebook. Do you know that the great SECRET of becoming famous on Facebook is the way you use your Status Update? The more you keep updating your status, the more popular you become. Of course, you can share every small bit happening in life but make sure you don’t boast too much and bore your friends.

Well, let me give you more inputs on how a status should be.

At first, make sure you don’t update only about yourself and other boring things that are self-centered. Every now and then share the latest news, jokes, science facts, medical facts and other cool stuff which people will like. Be the first to break the news.

People should feel you know a lot of things and you are knowledgeable. In short, your friends should feel like sharing or liking your status updates. Your status updates should make them remember you.

4. Photos – Again, these are important ingredients in making you famous. You should always try to post different and unique photos of yourself. To become a hero/heroine, you must feel like one. So, feel confident and post photos that will get people thinking about you. No matter if you are repairing something or cooking or even doing nothing, post those photos.

5. Tag many Friends –  When you post a photo, tag as many friends as possible. This way, they will be notified and will see your photos every time you post them. The idea here is to tag different set of friends for different photos, this way make sure all your friends can be covered.

6.  Games and Applications – There are various games and applications you can choose from on Facebook. So choose the ones according to your taste and persona. Now, whenever you play a game or use an app, your friends will be notified of any significant achievements in it.

7. Check-in –  This is the latest rage on Facebook. All you need to do is to make sure you check-in using your mobile every time you visit a happening place in the city. That may be the new mall, pub, movie or any place which you feel is currently a happening one. You can also check-in when you are out of station for picnics, trekking, river rafting and more.

8. Like Your Friends photos and status – This is similar to the give and take policy. When you like the photos and status of your friends, they will like your photos and status in return. But don’t just do it randomly, like and comment only if you feel like. This technique will certainly gain you lot more comments and likes.

9. Chat with Friends – Yeah, make a point to chat with friends every now and then. Make sure you keep all your friends in touch. This way, they will always check out your profile and thus you have more chances of your photos and statuses being liked.

10. Add more Friends – Last but not least is to make more friends on Facebook. The number of friends you have on Facebook matters a lot to your popularity. The more the friends you have, the more is the popularity. So, search for as many friends as you can right from your kindergarten to till date and add them. Add friends of friends. Add family members. Now, whatever you share reaches more people, so you will be obviously more popular.

Bonus Tips

1. Do not over-post and annoy your friends. Let there be a certain limit on the stuff you share every day.

2. Choose an interesting topic or a really stupid and random topic and start a conversation. People enjoy such stuff and get highly involved.

3. Don’t forget, to wish everyone on their birthday!

4. Don’t write rude comments in photos or status of others and yours.

5. Don’t write racist/politic or religion views in your status.

Last Thoughts

Remember one thing – “Humans are a curious species. We love spying on the lives of others.”

So people always want to know what’s happening  in your life. This further makes your desire of becoming famous on Facebook very easy. I hope these tips will greatly help you to become popular among your friends on Facebook.

Let me know if you have more tips on becoming famous on Facebook from the comments below.

And I didn’t want to say this but it’s true – “A girl applying lipstick will get more likes than a guy winning Nobel Prize.”


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