How to Send Large Files from one Computer to another for Free?

Sending large files from on computer to another can be a tiresome task.

▶ There may be many free cloud storage services like Dropbox, MediaFire etc using which you can share files. Every time you intend to share files via cloud, you will have to upload it their servers and later your friends will have to download it.

▶ But most of the cloud services won’t allow you to share large files as big as 10-20GB.

▶ This is where zeZebra comes into the picture. It is a multi-platform peer-to-peer file sharing service that allows you to share files of any size between different computers and smartphones.

▶ Here, the data is not uploaded to any servers instead directly transferred from your PC to the other in a secure channel.

▶ The best thing about this software is that it’s absolutely free!

▶ Download zeZebra for Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone!

▶ Continue reading to know more about using and running zeZebra.

Want to Send your Friend a 50GB File? It’s Easy Now!

Previously, to share a file among your friends, you used to upload the file to any of the cloud storage provider like Dropbox, Mediafire, Google Drive, Skydrive etc. And then, your friends used to download the file from there. All that is great! Super cool!

But, you might have noticed one thing with these cloud storage providers – they have too many restrictions. Specially, they have restrictions on the size of the file you can upload. In most of the cases, it can be maximum 1 to 2GB and not more than that!

Have you ever shared a 20GB or 50GB file with your friend using any of the cloud storage services? Well, that would have been not possible. You will need to opt for their premium plans to send such large files for which you will be charged.

Many of you raise privacy concerns while saving your files to the cloud.
Few questions always run on our mind –

  • What if the cloud storage provider access my files?
  • Is it safe there?
  • What if someone hacks into my account and access my files?

But with what I am going to introduce to you today, no more uploading the file to the server and no downloading. Just directly transfer the file from your PC to your friend’s PC, no matter how big the file is!

zeZebra – Send Large Files from one Computer to another for Free!

zeZebra is multi-platform peer-to-peer file transfer software using which you can share any kind of file say documents, photos, music, videos etc. of any size with your friends.

The interface is damn simple and anyone would find it easy to handle the software. What makes zeZebra reliable is the fact that the channel established between the sender and receiver is secure. Yes, zeZebra encrypts your files while transferring so that no third-party/hacker can access it. Also, the data is not stored on any servers. This should bring smiles on a lot of faces who worry about their privacy.

Once you have downloaded and installed the application, you will be asked to enter your name and email address. Next, just click on the blue “Share Files” button and you are good to go. It is also possible to drag & drop files. Not just that, you can even right click on any file and click on ‘Share with zeZebra’.

Send Large Files from one Computer to another for Free

As soon as this is done, you will get a link which you can share with your friends via email, Facebook or any way you would want.

Of course, your friend needs to have zeZebra software installed on his/her computer to receive the files. It is hardly around 8MB and should not be a burden.

Remember, you (sender) and your friend (receiver) should be online at the same time to complete the transfer. If for some reason the transfer of files gets interrupted, it can be resumed later with no problems.

As I said earlier, zeZebra is a multi-platform software. You have both Android and iOS apps. This way you can transfer any files between your PC and mobile phones.

How to Send Large Files from one Computer to another for Free?

Download zeZebra for Free

Here are the download links of zeZebra for various platforms. Choose them accordingly:

Last Thoughts

With a software like zeZebra, you will now be able to send large files from one computer to another with no hassles.

I am sure this software will come in handy during many situations.

Do you use any other software like zeZebra?

Let me know from the comments.


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