Simple tips for increasing the battery life of your mobile.

If the battery on your mobile phone is draining pretty fast, then I have a few simple tips for you.

▶ These tips can help you increase battery life of your Android, iOS or Windows phone easily.

▶ No matter if the manufacturer is Samsung, Apple, Nokia or Blackberry, these tips apply to all phones.

▶ Even though some of the tips here sound trivial, they are very effective when implemented collectively.

▶ So, spend a few minutes to go through these tips. Next time, you may as well avoid saying  the word “battery low”

▶ Also, if you have some more battery saving tips that you can share with us, feel free to use the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Sorry, Low Battery!

tips for Increasing the Battery Life of your Mobile Phone

How many times do you say the above words in a day?

Well, low battery life is one of the most common issues that mobile phones face today.

Smartphones come with all kinds of latest features and are very powerful. They can do most of the things a computer can do. But when it comes to battery life, they all fail miserably.

It’s an irony that we count the uptime of today’s mobile phones in hours rather than days.

Many dejected users of mobile phones, especially, those having Smartphones ask me  – Are there things that they can do to improve the phone’s battery life, other than just switching it off?

Well, the answer is – Yes! Even though it’s not possible to double your phone’s battery life overnight, but you should be able to squeeze out a few more hours every day.

How can you do that? Take a look..

Tips for Increasing the Battery Life of your Mobile Phone

1. Always charge your battery to the full.

This is the first and foremost tip I would like to tell you. You may wonder why? Well, batteries have a limited charging cycle after which they start losing their capacity.

Instead of frequently charging them, charge them to their full every time. This way, they will have a long life.

2. Unplug your phone from the power socket as soon as the battery is full.

I hope you would have heard this tip from the seller while buying your phone. Tell me one reason why you want to leave your phone connected to the power socket even after it is completely charged. Are you charging your phone for the whole week? No right!

Remember, leaving your phone connected to the power even after it is full, will significantly reduce the battery capacity and life. So never ever do it.

3. Dim the Screen-brightness.

Your phone screen is the major consumer of power. So it is always better to keep the brightness low. Your eyes will also thank you for that. I would suggest you to keep the brightness anywhere between 30 to 50 percent.

Some people suggest using the auto-brightness feature, but for it to work, the sensors should constantly sense the light which in turn consumes some more power. Hence, I don’t suggest it.

4. Keep the screen timeout duration short.

Many of you don’t pay much importance to this tip. But, every second counts.

Under your phone’s display settings menu, you will find an option called ‘Screen Timeout’ or something similar.  Here, set your timeout duration to the shortest available time say 15 – 30 seconds. This will certainly save some battery further.

5. Do not use live/animated wallpapers.

Live/animated wallpapers are great. They make your phone look awesome. But, they eat your battery like a KFC burger.

So, don’t use live wallpapers. Also, it is better to set your phone background to black. Black is said to use the minimum or no battery at all. So opt for more black themes and backgrounds.

6. Disable the haptic feedback.

Haptic feedback is the vibration of the phone that occurs whenever you interact with it (like typingreceiving notification etc.).

Do you really need your phone to vibrate every time you touch the screen or receive a notification? I don’t think it’s necessary.

Haptic feedback drains a lot of battery and is better to be disabled.

7. Use just the ringtone where ever possible and turn off the vibration.

As I said in the previous point, vibration consumes more power.

Every time your phone vibrates, a motor has to run and shake the phone. This obviously consumes more battery power. And hence, I don’t recommend using it.

Instead, you can use a simple ringtone which is clear and audible. It serves the purpose on most occasions every day.

I would also suggest you to switch off those extra sound effects like warning tones, keypad tones and others.

8. Stop the applications that run in the background.

Multitasking is one of the most powerful features of mobile phones today, I agree! But, they also are powerful battery drainers. Every open app in the background uses a certain amount of power and resource.

In case of Android devices, I don’t really suggest you use an app killer like ‘Advanced Task Killer’ but you can use one. However, most of the times, using the back button can close the apps.

In case of iPhones, you may have to use some app killers or double-tap the Home button until the multitasking tray appears, hold an app icon until an X appears on top of it, and tap the X to close the app.

9. Remove bad/unnecessary apps that drain your battery.

You don’t need 101 apps to make your phone look mightiest. Just use those apps which are necessary and useful in your day-to-day life.

Some apps use way too much resources and can drain your battery gravely. Hence, it is always better to look out for the app ratings and comments before downloading and using them.

In most of the Android devices today, you can check which apps are using more battery power. Just go to Settings -> About Phone -> Battery -> Battery Use or something similar and you can see the apps using more battery.

For iPhone users, there is an app called Carat that measures your phone’s energy use and suggests actions that will make it more efficient.

If you notice an app using too much battery, consider replacing it with another app or service.

10. Disable Wi-Fi, cellular data services (2G or 3G), location services (GPS) and Bluetooth soon after use.

These are some of the highest consumers of battery on your phone. Whatever isn’t in use or needed, turn it off.

Will you leave your TV, fan or any electric equipment running even when they are not used? No right! Same way, why not turn of the Wi-Fi, cellular data service, GPS and Bluetooth when not in use?

Trust me, doing this will save half of your battery life.

11. Turn off or minimize notifications.

Many apps like Facebook, Twitter, RSS readers, Instagram and others pop notifications every now and then.

They light up your screen, vibrate and sound consuming the battery. Disabling certain unnecessary notifications orreducing their data fetch interval will also help you save some battery.

Also, it will reduce some useless distractions all through your day.

12. Opt for ad-free apps if you have an option.

Most apps that are free to download have loads of ads in them. This is especially true in case of games. Every now and then they pop notifications that are annoying.

These apps use power to download ads and upload user data for location-specific advertising.

So, if you have an option, choose ad-free apps over those that are fully filled with ads.

13. Use Airplane Mode in low- or no-coverage areas.

Since the phones always try to maintain a good connection with the cellular network, they will use more power in low or no-coverage area.

So, turning on Airplane Mode in such areas will certainly increase your phone’s battery life.

To turn on Airplane Mode, go to Settings and set the Airplane Mode to On.

14. When in the office or home, place your phone near windows or other open places.

Not many would have thought about this. But this one matters the most.

Mobile phones always intend to have a strong connection with the cellular network. So when you put them in places like drawers, cupboards, pockets etc. they will use more battery power in order to establish a good conncetion.

Simply flipping your phone a certain degree in different directions on your desk might actually make the battery last longer. What a mind-blowing revelation, right?

15. Keep it cool

Batteries work best in cooler temperatures.

Prolonged warm periods gradually lower the efficiency over time.

So, putting your phone in a place that is cool and within optimal temperatures will help you in the long run.

Bonus tips for Increasing the Battery Life of your Mobile Phone

1. Use GSM mode rather than 3G or Dual Mode if you are not using 3G services.

2. Use Wi-Fi over cellular data (2G or 3G)  whenever you have access to a network as it uses less battery.

3. Avoid using the speakers, instead use headphones.

4. JuiceDefender for Android can turn off your data services when the phone’s screen is off and then only enables them as you configure. It makes all your apps to sync at once on a schedule and also prevent the Wi-Fi from searching for hotspots when you are not close to any stored hotspots.

5. Do less-battery intensive things. Avoid playing games for longer duration. Do not use vibration while playing games. Avoid watching longer videos and movies regularly.

6. Power saving mode – It implements most of the tips suggested in this article. You may consider using that too.

Last Thoughts

Though these tips look silly and simple, they are very effective when used collectively.

Just try implementing a few tips from those mentioned in this article and then let me know if they were non-effective.

I am sure these tips for increasing the Battery Life of your mobile phone will be undeniably helpful.

Do you have some more such tips? Then please share it with me and other readers from the comments section below.


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