Not Happy with your FACEBOOK LOOKBACK VIDEO? edit it in few clicks…

Didn’t like your Facebook “Look Back” video?

▶ Do you have some unwanted or unappealing photos of yours in it?

▶ Are some of the status updates unnecessary and embarrassing?

▶ Or, did your Ex- suddenly pop-out from it?

▶ Feel like you could have made a better video?

▶ Then, do it! Yes, now!

▶ This article will help you shape your “Look Back” video the way you wanted in just few clicks! How? Read on..

edit your facebook look back video

Have you noticed? Your Facebook news feed is full of ‘A look back’ videos from various friends. Whoa! It’s everywhere right now!

A Look Back

‘A look back’ video is Facebook’s style of celebrating the 10th year anniversary. Yes, your most loved social media site is now ten years old! It was started in the year 2004.

The “Look Back” video selects the biggest moments of your life on Facebook and presents them in a tacky, one-minute video. I am sure it must have left some of you teary-eyed with some great old memories.

Your pictures, life events, status updates and all that you posted on Facebook since day one have been nicely packaged into this cozy little video.

These videos have gone viral and people are sharing them on even other social media sites like Tumblr, Twitter, G+ and more.

However, not all 1.23 billion Facebook Users are Happy!

While most have loved the ‘Look Back’ video automatically created by Facebook, some are not really happy!

It may because of unwanted or unattractive pictures. Or may be due to some of the embarrassing status updates. Some users even had details from their previous relationship that they would rather like to forget!

Fear not, as the much-sought after “Edit” button is here!

Change/Edit your Facebook Look Back Video

It’s now damn easy to edit your Facebook “Look Back” Video. Give a quick visit to the Facebook Lookback page, you will now see a brand new “Edit” button clearly visible right next to the green ‘share your film’ button.


All though the editor is simple and doesn’t have all  your photos and status updates, it still has a wide range of your popular photos/updates you can pick from.

So, without wasting anymore time,

1. Visit the Facebook Lookback page

2. Click on the “Edit” button

3. Uncheck the photos or status updates you’d like to remove

4. Then, select your new photos and status updates.

5. Click “Update” in the upper right corner.

That is it! You are all done. Replay your “Look Back” video and you must be able to see your new “Look Back” video.

If you still didn’t like it somewhat, just go back and pick other pictures and status updates, fresh!

Last Thoughts

Hope this article helped you shape your “Look Back” video the way you wanted.

Now, share your new video and make your friends flabbergasted!


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