Calculatormatik : The All-in-One Calculator

I know you already have a calculator on your PC. Then, why download free calculator with 100+ features?

▶ Well, there is not one but hundred reasons to download this free calculator.

▶ Right from students to professionals, each of you will find this simple but powerful calculator to be amazing.

▶ Not just maths, it can calculate your fuel consumption, electricity usage, loans, mortgage and 100′s such useful functions required in our everyday life.

▶ Overall, this calculator has something for everyone.

▶ Read the article to find out how amazing this calculator is!

▶ Direct Download Link (it is just 198KB)

I already have a Calculator!

The very first thought you would have got on your mind would be – Do I even need a calculator when I already have it in my PC by default?

I understand that! Every Windows PC comes with a calculator by default.

Some of you may be even using Google to get your calculations done. Just enter your numbers with the operator in the search bar and voila! Google throws you the result.

But today, in this article, I will introduce you a different calculator. A calculator that is just 198KB. That’s right! Not even half MB!

It is simple in design but powerful when it comes to features. Meet, Calculatormatik,  a handy portable calculator with around 100 different conversion options and tools.

Students and professionals will greatly benefit from this software. If I was you, I would have downloaded the software without a second thought. I found it to be so useful!

Calculatormatik – It has something for everyone

Calculatormatik is a comprehensive calculator application for Windows that has something for everyone. There are so many features in this little calculator that you will be stunned.

Since the software is of a very small size, don’t expect too much from its interface. It is damn simple.

Various functions or conversion tools are listed in 2 columns in alphabetical order. I think you may need some time to get used to this calculator and to go through those functions that will be useful to you.

To list a few functions – birthday calculator, compound interest calculator, date calculator, earth year on other planets, electricity consumption calculator, simultaneous equation solver,  fuel consumption calculator, random lottery numbers generator, body mass index calculator, random password generator, auto loan calculator, mortgage, stopwatch and loads of other functions.

Download Free Calculator

Taking a brief look at the various functions this calculator can do, you now know that this is not your regular calculator used only for Mathematics. It is unique and is full of awesome functionalities.

Take for example the fuel consumption calculator . It will help you calculate the fuel consumption of your vehicle easily.

The birthday calculator will help you calculate your age in months, weeks, days, hours and minutes. All you need to do is to just enter your date of birth.

Did you ever know how to calculate your electricity usage? Well, Calculatormatik can help you with that too.

As I said earlier, this tool is very comprehensive. You may say that anyone can calculate ‘Area’ of an object easily and you don’t need a calculator. But, Calculatormatik not only lets you calculate area of simple objects like triangle, rectangle or square, instead, you can calculate the area of complex geometrical objects like a trapezoid, ellipse or even a kite for that matter.

It also lets you calculate the surface area of geometrical objects. Now, how cool is that? (If you are a high school or college student, I am sure your heart will be jumping in joy for having found this.)

I would need a 50 page book to explain all functionalities present in the software. Let me not bore you guys by talking all that stuff in this article.

I will leave it to you to explore.

Download Free Calculator with 100+ Features

Well, here are the links to download this free calculator:

Last Thoughts

Students, particularly studying engineering or any other mathematics related degree will find this software immensely helpful. There are many mathematical functions built into it.

For all others, we have so many other tools that will help us in our everyday life.

Calculatormatik is such a calculator software that has something for everyone.

If not today, I am sure it will help you one or the other day.

What are your thoughts about Calculatormatik? Do you find it useful? Let me know your thoughts on it from the comments below.


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