Find out how much time you wasted on FACEBOOK till date.

facebook time spent 2

Some say FACEBOOK is a contagious disease. It spreads from one person to another. Well, I definitely agree with that!

Over a span of 10 years, it has spread to more than 1.1 billion people worldwide and it still continues to spread.

Now, please know that 1 billion has 9 zeroes in it. And if Facebook was a country, it could simply be the 3rd largest in the world!

Well, when was the last time you logged into Facebook? Was it just a few minutes ago?

I am sure we all do that! We keep scouring Facebook for no real reason! We are just there looking for something which doesn’t even matter to our lives. Yet, we continue to do it every day, every hour and every other minute. We all want to know what’s happening in the other’s life. Yeah! Typical human mentality! Can’t help much!

But, between all these, have you ever wondered how much time of your life have you spent on Facebook right from day one of joining it?

What do you think? How much time have you spent on Facebook scrolling through all that unwanted news feed, liking your friends annoying status messages, secretly flipping through photos of your new crush, jealously looking at your friends new bike or vacation photos and what not!

Wonder no longer as the popular TIME Magazine has developed a nifty little app that can figure out the approximate time you have spent on Facebook. The tool also marks the 10th year anniversary of

I have spent 15 Days 14 Hours and 53 Minutes on Facebook. Find Out Yours!

The tool is pretty simple to use.

1. First, visit this TIME’s webpage here

2. Click “Next” and grant access to the tool in order for your account to be analyzed. (Don’t worry, the app is safe and doesn’t post anything on your behalf on your profile).

3. Enter the average number of minutes you think you spend on Facebook every day. (Facebook says a typical user spends an average of 17 minutes every day, but I am sure we all do way more than that!)

4. Depending on how long you have been on Facebook, it can take several minutes. (Sometimes, you may even get a message – “Sorry, Facebook is a little overwhelmed right now! Please try again soon”. In that case, you will have to try again later.)

5. After a while, you will know how much time you have spent on Facebook.

This is what I got after the app analyzed my profile!

How do they do it?


While Facebook doesn’t publicly give the actual data on how often a user logs in or stays in their website, but it does give access to the timestamps of everything you have posted.


So, this app developed by TIME Magazine, scours your timeline from the beginning (the day you joined Facebook), together with an estimate of how many minutes you think you spent on Facebook every day.


It then tells you the approximate estimation of the time you’ve spent on Facebook. But since it doesn’t account for the time you’ve spent logged in and simply gazing at pictures and videos posted on your timeline, feel free to add some more days on whatever number you get.

facebook time spent




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