2 Best Android Scientific Calculator Apps for Engineers

I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in an engineering college and its very important to have a scientific calculator with you for calculating purposes. But carrying a calculator every time may not be possible for all of us. There are powerful apps for the same available now, and we’ll take a look at two such Android apps in this entry.

scientific calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator  is a powerful and straightforward scientific calculator app for Android. The app utilizes the large screen of your device and turns it into a full-fledged conventional scientific calculator most of us have seen and used.

After you install and launch the app, it will show you the calculator interface directly, and to make the most of your device screen real estate you can turn on the full screen view and hide the notification drawer.

RealCalConstants and conversions

If you have used a scientific calculator in the past, you won’t need an explanation of the functions that can be performed with different keys. One thing I like about the calculator is the built-in constants and conversion rates. These two functions can really reduce your effort while working on the calculations.

Calculator HelpRealCal Setting

As this calculator comes with limitless memory, you can use it to copy the values in the memory and then use it from the history. Additional settings can be activated from the app settings depending upon your calculation needs.


Calculator++  is yet another scientific calculator app that you can install on your Android device if you are an engineering aspirant (or anyone else who needs one). The calculator is a bit complicated than the RealCalc though, and is more useful to people who need to work on trigonometric functions and graphs. The app makes it easy to plot graphs and create personal equations that can be saved in the memory.


I’ll do a poor job of explaining these functions since I was pretty bad at math, so I’ll leave it for you to try out the graphs and other functionalities. The app also supports a floating window that can be useful on large screen devices and tablets when you need to multitask with the data in the background.



All in all, both RealCalc and Calculator++ are quite decent when it comes to scientific calculations on the Android smartphone. I would suggest you install both in parallel and try them for a few days before picking up one.


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