Recover from water damaged phone.

Dropped your smartphone in water???

What will you do now??

Generally people accidentally drop their electronic gadgets in wet conditions. Accidents such as mistakenly while drinking tea or coffee sometimes the cup may fall and in case if you have kept your smartphone near to it then there are chances that it may get damaged. so what to do know?

Do not….

  • Use a hair dryer, because this blows the water further into the phone and heats the phone up.
  • Place it in the sun. Yes you want to warm up your phone, you don’t want it to become too hot.
  • Pop it in the microwave, it’s dangerous to put metal in the microwave and can damage both devices.
  • Put it in the freezer, because the reduction in temperature can damage the LCD screen.

Don’t panic at all and follow these simple steps to recover from your water damaged smartphone:

1. Instantly Remove it from the wet conditions as soon as possible.

Someone can face the problem of water damage caused to their phones if:

  • A cup of tea or coffee drops down and your cell phone is near it.
  • You may try to receive calls while having a bath,swimming or doing household chores in wet conditions.
  • While travelling somewhere a heavy rainfall can even wet your phone.
  • Or sometimes your children may drop them in water while playing with it.

Under such conditions the first thing any person should do is get the smartphone out of water or any other wet conditions instantly.

Note: If your phone has been dropped in salt water, dunk it in fresh water. You might think you want to dry your phone not get it wetter, but salt corrodes the components inside so you need to get rid of it with fresh water.  Use judgement here; the longer its been submerged in salt water, the more fresh water is needed to rinse it thoroughly.

2.Switch it off immediately.

In such conditions people generally try to switch it on to see whether the phone is working properly or not. But i would suggest them not to do this. Keep the phone switched off.

3.Wipe of the water with a dry cloth.

Remove any excess water ideally with a soft cloth, or piece of kitchen paper. The latter is more absorbent, just make sure it doesn’t get too soggy and stick to the phone.

If you are at home try using a vacuum cleaner with an appropriate nozzle to remove any excess water. This will suck (rather than blow) water away, just keep it a safe distance from the phone.

4.Keep the phone’s battery in a safer place.

Generally the first thing that can damage in such conditions is the phone’s battery. Remove it and keep it away.

Please note: There is a small sticker on your battery which changes its color when brought in wet conditions. This is generally done by  the mobile company because they are not responsible for repairing water damaged case even if your warranty has not expired. So incase if the accident had caused a big damage to your phone,the mobile company will not be responsible for it.

So try to seal the sticker with a sellotape or a guard.


5.Keep the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice.

Place your handset in a dry plastic bag or an air-tight container with a desiccant such as silica gel (often found with new shoes and electronics). You can also purchase 5gm sachets online and from electronic stores. Keep a stash handy this monsoon. Alternatively, bury the phone in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice overnight. Rice draws out the moisture.

If you don’t have any rice then wrap the phone in a towel, put it in a box and put it somewhere warm, but not hot. However if your phone has been totally submerged we’d suggest going out and getting some rice anyway.

6.Do no switch it on before 24 hours.

Wait for at least 24 hours or longer. Check that your device – ports, compartments and crevices are clean and look dry. Power up the device. If your phone does not boot, remove the battery and head to your nearest service centre.
Put back in the battery and SIM card and turn the phone on. Do not plug it into the mains. If your phone still doesn’t work put it back in the box and leave it for another 24 hours, if it’s still dead there’s a good chance it is permanently damaged and you may have to get it fixed.



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