Indian Litterbugs.

On national holidays, we do speak and share a lot about our country’s pride and our feeling of patriotism for the country. At various occasions of national day celebrations we do teach many of our juniors and colleagues about what are our feelings of patriotism for the country. On the same day we do buy a small Indian flag and attach to on our chests to show people that we are Responsible citizens of the country.

Did I use Responsible?

Yes, I did use it in the paragraph written above. We the people of our country are so responsible that we attach that sticker of the Indian flag on our chest for the whole day and the next day the same flag just lies somewhere on the ground. Yes, if not me and you but many other Indians do it. The National flag what we wear as a symbol of pride for the country next day just seen scattering around corners of gutters, bus stand, railway stations, traffic signals, roads, etc.

But anyways that is even better what we do to this country the entire year. At least on Independence and Republic day a little feeling of responsibility for the country stops us littering the country, but the rest 363 days we do not leave any chance of making our country a dirty place.

Common things that people do at public places in India:

  • Spitting on public spaces.
  • Throwing all your wastes on roads, railway tracks, streets, etc.
  • Urinating in public.
  • Throwing food packets anywhere.

If you do such things at public places in India.

Congratulations!!  Sir,

You have owned yourself a title of being “The Great Indian Litterbug

Your activities of Littering at public places has even made the Prime Minister of the country to come forward and request you to stop doing such things. Your pledge of sharing your waste papers, banana skins, empty bottles, empty wrappers and fish bones have given India a new look that is very different from other countries. Your habit of spitting in public have given made diseases like tuberculosis and cholera to enter in many healthy people’s body, and still you the way you paint public walls with your red spits have made the country to have many great walls which are greater than the Great Wall of China.


The way you perform your fountain show in public has made the country to have more beautiful fountains than Dubai.

Do have a look at the Fountains of Dubai


Indian Fountains by Litterbugs



Now its time for to open your eyes and see what you have done to this country. And please don’t ignore it this time, make the country proud on you by stopping your activities of littering in the country. Its not too late, join the campaign of “The Great Indian Litterbug” organized by The Times Of India and stop other people who are still the litterbugs of the country.

1421849846495 1421850017281

I Hope that by this Republic Day at least one third of the country’s litterbugs understand about their sins done by them to their country and they stop the other litterbugs to deteriorate the country’s public spaces.

Image Sources:

Demotix, Wikipedia, Maxresdefault, DekhBhai Creator App, PK trailer on Youtube.

Note: The image of Aamir Khan starrer Pk is just used to express things in a different way, the image on any basis does not mean to cause any harm or insult about Aamir Khan in any way.


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