A healthy child makes a healthy home

Health is one of the basic properties of a human which has an effect over various parts of his life. As said in the most famous quote “Health is Wealth”, which means that there is nothing better in the world then Health? A millionaire can’t buy some more time even after spending all his wealth when he is about to die. With a bad health, a person not only has an effect on his life, but also on the life of his family.


A child’s health is considered as the most important from every other members of the family, practical reason for it may be that the child is small and needs some supervision at the time of some changes in his health conditions, whereas the seniors in the family can manage themselves using the knowledge from their experiences and past cases from their life.

The first Doctor who takes care for each and every point of a child’s health is the child’s mother; she is the only person who understands about every breath of her child. No Doctor in the entire world can know much compared to what a mother knows about her child.

Who can you define as a healthy child?

The most common way a child’s health is recorded by his school on the very basis of how much regular is he on attending the school, the more number of absentee’s marks that the child falls ill many times and which is further marked as his bad health.

According to me, that can be a reason to find about a child’s health but adding further to it I can elaborate a better health both on his mental and physical behaviour, a child can be physically fit but mentally he may face some problems such as lack of memory, etc. A child can be physically not good in terms of lack of stamina, feeling weak after doing small works, digestion problems, etc.

How can a healthy child make a healthy home?

A child is something more precious than lives for his parents, there will be no peace in the family if a child regularly falls ill.

A child gives a new life full of refreshment for his grandparents; an unhealthy child will fail to bring the precious smile on the face of his grandfather and will always keep some depression and tension in the minds of his grandmother who cares about her very much.

A healthy child himself can go on bring excellence to himself in various academic and cultural programs of his life and can make feel his family proud for him?

Stronger the Immune: Healthier is the Child

It is one of the universal truth of medical science that most of the diseases take birth due to improper immune system, it is very important for every individual to get a proper immune system from his childhood. For a child with improper immune system, he or she has a chance to be affected by various diseases on regular basis and a bad immune system also leads to problems in physical growth of a child. People do feel very weak and they fail to handle work pressure in the further stages if their life. Hence it is very important that a child has a good immune and his parents should take care of this thing very seriously.

What kind of a diet can make a child healthy?

A basic balanced diet with some ayurvedic herbs and plants such as tulsi leaves, amla, turmeric extracts, Giloy (Guduchi), etc. can give a child the healthy from his childhood.

Dabur Chyawanprash is what my mother gave me from my childhood for my better health, it has all the best herbs of Ayurveda which helps a child for his physical as well as mental growth.

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I will suggest every parent to include a spoon of Dabur Chyawanprash either in the basic diet of their child to give their child a very good health and 3X immunity.


‘A Healthy Child makes a Healthy Home’

Image Courtesy: Liveveda


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