3 Reasons why I would prefer Quikr NXT

Do you have anything at your home which is old or you don’t use it? Do you wish to sell those things at the best Maximum Selling Price (M.S.P.)? Here a the three best reasons why Quikr NXT is the best option to sell your things? 


Quikr is one of the leading Social Classifieds Networking platform which allows you to post free ads in case if you are looking to sell or buy something. It allows you to post your ads in various categories such as Mobiles, Tablets, Cars, Bikes, Electronic Appliances, Furniture, Musical Instruments, Collectibles, Pets, Stationary, Health Products, Pets and lot more. It also hosts matrimonial in its categories so that people find their perfect match, and in addition to it it also allows people to find jobs and the employers to hire a perfect candidate. Recently, Quikr has added a new service which is known as the Quikr NXT. Quikr NXT is the upgraded version of Quikr where the new service also allows the buyers as well as sellers to avoid phone calls and discuss about the deal directly on the app. Many of us only have the idea that Quikr NXT is just a new Quikr with a chat option added to it, but in this article I will be sharing the top 3 reasons why is Quikr NXT far better and advanced then just what Quikr was before. I will be explaining all the 3 reason with a video. So here are the three reasons why I would prefer a chat over a phone call using Quikr NXT: brandcover 1. Keep track of parallel chat sessions with multiple users:

It becomes difficult to keep track of the buyers when you are selling something on Quikr, the moment you finish posting your ad on Quikr you get flooded with number of calls from buyers. It becomes difficult to keep track of:

  • Where the buyer lives?
  • What final price you had decided with him?
  • What is the buyer’s budget?
  • What is his name and phone no.?

So with Quikr NXT, you can chat with the buyer or the seller and the records of your chat will always be there with you. 2. Share the photos of the product with ease:

Sometimes in ads on Quikr, the sellers may put only a limited number of photos.

For example: if you are looking to buy a mobile phone, the seller may only put the images of what the mobile phone looks from front. So you don’t get any idea of the phone’s back cover, battery, etc. Now in Quikr NXT you can ask the seller to send as much images of the product you want from any angle you wish to have a look, which I think is the best part of Quikr NXT.

3. Number Privacy and relief from fake callers.

Once you post an ad, your phone will be flooded with call one after another. Some of them may be genuine buyers and others may be fake. Now in Quikr NXT you have the option for the Phone Number privacy where your contact details will be shared only if you allow it. So with this you will be free from fake callers and you genuine buyers can directly contact you and fix the deal via the chat window.


My example how Quikr NXT helped me:

I recently purchased a bike on Quikr using the Quikr NXT. I was really very happy with the kind of service Quikr NXT provided me as I satisfactorily saw each the bike from each and every angle I wished to see and discussed my budget with the seller and got the bike in a price which was reasonable and affordable to me.

You can download the app for AndroidiOS and Windows Phone.

Concluding the article, I would prefer everyone to use the Quikr NXT to buy or sell their things as it provides advanced options such as chat, chat history, photo sharing and number privary.

So now,

“No Fikar, Chat Quikr”

Image Sources:

Quikr.com, Indiblogger.

Video Sources:

Quikr Channel on YouTube.


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