Pamper yourself with ASUS Zenphone

Looking for something special to gift someone on this Valentine’s Day?

Gifting the perfect gift to your crush on valentines is something which people start thinking from the time when there is still a month left for Valentines. Generally people select from these variety of gifts such as a jewelry item, watch, clothes, perfumes, crockery sets, etc. Those gifts may vary from person to person respective of various factors such as the kind of gifts that their crush like, or something which their crush wish to buy and sometimes budgets are also kept in mind when selecting a gift. According to me, the gift is much important than its price as it reflects the love what your partner has for you.


Coming back on gifting, has anyone thought of gifting yourself on this Valentines?

Excuse me if I sound a little stupid on that question, generally we do give something as a gift to our Valentine as a symbol of the Love and bonding between us but gifting yourselves may sound you a little different. You may think “who does that?” But if I we revise the definitions of Valentines and gifting on Valentine, it says that a on a Valentine’s Day you gift someone whom you love the most and you cannot object on the point that you don’t love yourselves. I will suggest you to try something new this Valentines, try to pamper yourself with a very special gift for yourself. Gift yourself the:

“ASUS Zenfone” 

You may agree to the point of gifting yourself on this Valentines but you may still feel why have I mentioned to gift yourself with the ASUS Zenfone , how could that be an ideal Valentine for you?

Find it out in the 5 reasons to pamper yourself with the ASUS Zenfone this Valentines and why it could be your ideal Valentine:

 Its attractive looks:

The first thing that you may see in someone before getting attracted to him or her is how does he or she looks, and this phone has got a very bold looks. With a screen of 4 inches and very thin in thickness, this is something which can fit easily in your pockets and you will not have any troubles holding it using your hands.

The Smartness of the phone and its Camera

Nowadays taking pictures of yourself and uploading it on Social networks is one of the latest trends among the teenagers, not even teenagers but also the people from child to a senior citizen uses apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. to share what they are doing with their fellows and loved ones. This phone gives you one of the better camera (both front and back) to take the best pictures of yours and also it comes with the Android operating system which is one of the smartest operating systems available in the market.

The amazing colors

It comes with five amazing and bold colors such as Cherry Red, Sky Blue, Solar Yellow, Charcoal Black and Pearl White. So select the favorite Red color for yourself this Valentine.

The Longer Battery

Battery is something which always lets us to limit our phone use if we are out somewhere from home for a long time. Well, but this phone will never let you down because it comes with a great battery life which allows you to use your phone for a longer time.

The Price

You are getting one of the smartest phones available in the market at a price of around INR 5,300 to 5,500. You may say that I am kidding, but trust me you are getting such an amazing phone for a very low price.




You may have decided to buy the phone after getting to know much positive things about it, but the story does not ends here. If you buy it from Flipkart or from the ASUS online store then you can be a lucky winner to win a trip to Singapore. So what are you waiting for, grab one for yourself before the offer ends and share your experience in the comments section of this post.

Image Courtesy: Indiblogger, Flipkart.


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