Life without constraints

Life is challenge for everyone in this world. A moment we get up from the bed every morning, we have number of tasks to perform on the day. The very first point that worries a middle class man is to reaching his office on time to avoid his boss shouting at him early in the morning, then he has to sit in his cabinet and start sorting a number of tasks he has to do today. Then comes the tension of impressing the clients and getting the task completed. Then he has the tension of reaching home early or else his wife will shout him. After reaching the home he has to answer the never ending questions of his wife and then he also has to take care about the studies of his children. Finally when the day is over and he is about to sleep, he has to keep track of his monthly budget and then again he has got the same tension of nest day.


So coming on a conclusion, our life has problems which are never going to end. The tension of what will happen tomorrow ruins our today. And we have no other options than just living the life the same way we are living and enjoy the small happiness that we get by the end of the day. I could wish there should have been something which takes our problems of tomorrow and lets us enjoy our today. Something which would simple give us a tension free life. And to my goodness I got my answer, an answer that what never make me worry for the tensions in my future and give me a life which is #BefikarUmarBhar. It was when I discovered the IDBI Federal Life Insurance. An insurance that will cover everything from my dream of buying my own home to my parent’s medical expenses, from my children’s education fees to my dream of a world tour with my family.


If I was #BefikarUmarBhar then I would fulfill my following dreams:

1. I would start my own business.

Well, starting our own business is almost every one’s lifetime goal. I wish to start my own business and be an entrepreneur in my life where I could work hard for my business to see the graph of profit increasing day by day.


2. I wish to buy a bungalow near the sea.

Everyone has a dream of having a house where he and his family can live happily. My dreams are a little higher and expensive as I want a bungalow near a sea face where I can has the best view of the sunset. If I get a life with no constraints then I would surely buy a home near the Silver Beach in Mumbai.


3. I wish to start my own musical band.

Music is one of the best hobbies of mine. I have a dream of making my own music in my life. If I got a life with no constraints then I would make my own musical band with my friends.


4. I wish to go on a world tour with my family.

If I get a life which has no worries for tomorrow then I would pack my bags and go for a world tour with my family. 


5. I wish to buy a Lamborghini

Everyone has a dream of having his own sports car. I would buy a Lamborghini if I get a life which is #BefikarUmarBhar.


These were my dreams if I get a life without any constraints, readers will be appreciated if they share their own dreams in the comments section.

Image courtesy:

Ideas for happy life, Indiblogger.


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