Bedtime Rituals


You have become a Parent.

These six words bring you priceless happiness in your life. Children are considered the form of God in many religion. They bring love, joy and happiness to a family. A small baby is someone who changes almost everyone’s life in a family. He strengthens the bond of between his parents, gives his grandparents a new energetic spirit to have good times with their grandchild and also his siblings a new companion. A baby girl bring luck to a family and also brings a lots of big packets of happiness with her.

But when it comes on taking a care of a baby and nurturing a baby, the child’s mother is the only person who is the most worried other than anyone else. She takes care of her baby at every second of her day, usually for people the day starts at some time before or after the sunrise but for a mother the morning starts at the time her baby cries early in the morning. A mother is someone who takes a lot of pain just to make her baby feel comfortable, and even a little scream from her child’s mouth makes a mother cry because she is the only person in the entire world who can feel what her child feels. One of the major worries for a parent is that their child gets a sound sleep, only a father knows how to make his child quite when the child is crying and screaming loudly.

Many parents sing a short loving poem or a melodious song to make their child fall asleep and some even narrate stories of kings and fairy tales. I used to my baby out in the balcony, hold him tight and show him the stars which are shining in the sky and narrate a small poem to him. Then hug him tight to my chest to let him feel a little warmer from the cold outside. Within 20 minutes while performing this ritual the baby gets asleep and then I used to take him to his cradle which has been decorated with toys and has a very soft cushion bed.

These are some of the very best ways to which have been used from ages to make a child fell asleep. But the story does not ends here, these rituals can give your child a sound sleep but that does not ensures that your child may wake up happily. And after a child sleeps, the very thing that that can make him awake is his underpants getting wet. I know this sounds a little funny but even you used to awake from your sleep due to the same reason when you were a child.

If you feel that your child also has goes through the same problem, then you have got to change something for your child. You need to change his diapers. The diaper that you are using currently will make you feel that it is dry from outside and hence it will also be dry from inside. But you may be wrong on that theory and hence due to this your child also feels a little uncomfortable.

So what to do to solve this problem?


I would suggest you to go for Pampers baby dry pants as it has come with its latest product where it has some special gel inside the diaper that absorbs all the wet stuff and makes the child feel dry and happy.

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