Upgrade your car with Quikr

Having a personal car has now become one of your basic needs. In earlier times, having your own car was on the luxuries that was common between many big personalities and rich people. In this increasing population it becomes very tough for many of us to travel in government transports from our home to office or office to home. And when the travel is during the peak hours, you may face endless problems while travelling, the government transports may be late or there will be a lot of rush in the buses or trains. To get rid of these problems we find a solution by buying a new car.

A new car solves all the problems that we face while travelling, we can go anywhere at any time and our journey becomes very much comfortable. But buying a new car is not that easy, the very first thing that comes into consideration while looking for a new car is our budget. We save some part from our salary in the form of savings to buy a new car and that money becomes our budget when we are looking to buy a new care. We start dreaming for a big luxury car but with a low budget we can hardly afford an average size five seated car. These facts are common between every one of us and hence at a point we decide to buy a second hand car. Second hand cars are cars which are not new but are neither old, these are cars which are a little old but they are in a good condition and work properly. To buy second hand cars we commonly contact some dealer who is sells second hand car or we contact our friends or relatives if someone in their contact is looking to sell his car. This was a process followed from ancient times, by this sometimes we get a good deal but sometimes we have satisfy with what is available. This process could sometimes raise problems, for example: If we are looking to buy a car of some particular manufacturer and that is not available with the seller then we have no other options rather than buying it. But today we have many advanced options such as buying a second hand car by looking for some sellers online.

Well, if I was looking for a second hand car or was to upgrade my car then I would have chosen Quikr. The reasons why I would choose it to upgrade my car are very simple and reasonable:

  •  I can easily sell my old car on Quikr by posting and ad and uploading the pictures of my car, and then getting contacted by many genuine buyers and selecting a buyer who is ready to deal in the price and conditions that I have quoted for selling my car.
  • And then after selling my old car I can look for some better car for me. And if I find my next car then I can buy it by adding a little more money to what have I earned after selling my old car which would also save my money and will be a great deal as well.


And with Quikr NXT I can chat with the seller, see the images of the car and decide a price which is in my budget as well and get the deal done. This would get my deal done without even ringing a single call and also maintaining the privacy of my contacts with others.

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