HDFC: My Family My Pride

Family plays a very vital role in every person’s life. Everyone in their life has someone from their family who has always been an icon for them has always played a very supportive role in his or her life. Anyone from the family may be our father or mother, brother or sister, uncle or aunt or even our grandparents have some role to play in our life that would have changed us from what we were yesterday to what we are today.

From a common survey, it has been found that for a young girl her father plays a very supportive role in her life and for a boy his mother or grandparents have always been the leading ray of success at his good and bad times. People also have uncles and aunts who have supported them to stand on their feet.

For me, my father has always played a supportive role in my life. Write from the day I was a kid and had stepped into the kindergarten for the first time he was always there to support me in climbing every higher step of my life and I can proudly say that because of him today I can live an independent life. I would like to share one of experience with my dad that made me stand on my feet.

Those were the days of my childhood and I was very passionate about computers. The passion for the computers had started developing in me when I started learning the basics of computer in my school sessions. I was just 10 years old and in those days technology was not that advanced as compared to what it is today. Whatever I used to learn in computers was only the limited to that one hour computer session that my school used to conduct during the school hours during the practical sessions in the computer lab. Quickly I started learning everything that was thought to me due to which my teachers suggested my parents to provide me with some external coaching for computers. My dad was very proud about my performance and he wanted me to go for some advanced courses available for computers. But the problem was our financial condition in those days, the coaching fees for the advanced courses were affordable but since there was no computer in our house I had to go to a cyber cafe for practicing the lessons. Practicing in cyber cafes was a better option but that was not enough for me as there I only used to get a little time to practice.

My dad was impressed by my devotion towards learning the computer courses, and he purchased a new computer for me from the savings that he used to save to buy a new bike for him to travel from home to office and then from office to home. That was something in my life that encouraged me a lot and today I am a self-reliant computer engineer.


Like my dad played a supportive role in my life even you can play a supporting role for your family to make them live an independent life by securing your life by HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd. and make your family your pride by making them stand independently on their feet.

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