My Look Up story of Optimism


Optimism is one of the best belief which means one day ultimately the good will dominate over the bad and all the evil in the world with fade away. Every religion in this world believes on the fact that one day every bad thing will lose its existence and the good things will always win against the bad to maintain peace and happiness in the world. Today I am writing about a moment of my life that filled me with optimism and hope for the future.

It was the time of my school days when I was in class 8 and I was about to participate in a football competition that was held in my school. All the students in the school were partitioned into four groups called as the Orange House, Green House, Yellow House and the Blue House. The competition was organized as a part of the annual sporting activities and competitions held as a part of the school’s sports agenda. Since there were only four teams participating, the fixtures of the tournament were such a way that each teams play against each other and the top two teams in the points table play against each other in the final.

The Blue house were the favorites for the tournament right before the tournament was about to start. I was a part of the Green Team. As the tournament went on and the matches played at league stage were going on, Blue house had won every match in the tournament. The second best performance was by the Green house which again met in the tournament finals. Earlier during the league stage when both the teams qualifying for the finals played each other, Blue house had defeated Green House by the margin of a single goal.

The twist in the story was that the players of Blue house were reported for suspect actions during the league matches. The complaints were reported to higher authorities but no action was taken against those players as they were the part of the school’s team and the players had a good relation with the match referee who was the responsible person to take actions under such circumstances. Those players were found to push players in the opposite sides while playing, abuse them and one player was caught hitting other player on his eye while playing the match.

So the final was here and all the players in our side were under pressure about the game, but we all were not those who will simply give up and curse our luck. All we thought was that we will play positively with all our abilities like if it was the last football game of our lives. We practiced hard for the game to and we did not leave any single opportunity that will take us to victory.

Finally the day was here and both the teams played each other on a sunny day. Till the first half of the match both the teams played their best and the score was 2-0. The winners of the tournament were already decided in the spectator’s mind and the second half was just a formality left for the tournament to conclude. During the break we decided to change our strategies and give our best at the ground and leave everything else to our luck.

The game started and within 13 minutes I scored a goal on behalf of my team and now the score was 2-1. That goal just gave a new hope to every one of us and we started playing harder. Now comes another twist in the story, two players from the Blue house started fighting against each other since because of one’s mistake other missed his goal. And this was another hope for us, we played on like a team and we registered our second goal within the other 10 minutes. The scores were equal and the opposition lost its temper. They again started abusing us to break our focus from the game but we did not entertain them. The game continued and only 5 minutes were left for the game to end, all of a sudden a pass was missed by a player from the Blue house and one of our players hit the ball at the right place to register the third goal. The pendulum gad swung to other side in no time and the players in the opposition lost the focus from the game. But again there was a twist and a goal was scored against us in the second last minute. Both the teams were just a goal away to win this tournament but all of a sudden one player from the opposition tried to hit one player from our side on his knee.

The guy just fell down but the referee just ignored it at and said it was an accident, but this time everyone from the spectator started shouting against the player and the referee. And with no choice referee had to change his decision and we got a penalty kick with only one minute left for the game to finish. Unfortunately the penalty was missed but still the game was not over, one of our players ran forward and hit the ball at the right place.

That was all, the Green House defeated the Blue house.

There was smile of happiness on every face be it us or the spectators. And this smile filled me with optimism and hope for the future that if someone tries his abilities in a positive way then even luck will come in his side to favor the good to dominate over the evil.

This was my Look Up story, readers will be appreciated if they would like to share their stories with us in the comments section.

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