Dry Baby is a Happy Baby

Looking for parenting tips?

Then this article is for you.

Becoming a parent gives you one of the best feelings of happiness in the world. It is truly said that a baby is the disguised for of the almighty and brings happiness, wealth and joy to the family. A baby also strengthens the bonds of love called the relations between the family members. Sometimes it is also observed that if there are some mutual misunderstandings between a couple then the arrival of baby solves all the problems and strengthens the love between them. A baby also brings a refreshing attitude in other family members such as elder brother or elder sister, grandfather or grandmother, uncle or aunt and the other siblings and cousins.

All the members of the family are very much concerned about the happiness of the baby. Every member of the family never leave themselves behind in the chance of making a baby happy and finding the cutest smile on the baby’s face. All the members of the family equally participate in some or the other way to make the baby happy. A father is the person who always holds the baby tight whenever the baby is crying to make the baby quiet. An elder brother or elder sister are also considered equal to a father or a mother for a young baby and they take the baby’s care in the absence of the baby’s father or mother. For the baby’s grandparents, the baby is a new hope of life and they make a baby happy by narrating stories, reciting poems, buying new toys, playing with the baby, etc. Others such as uncle, aunt, relatives and cousins also make a baby happy by acting a character from baby’s favorite cartoon show, dance on a song from baby’s favorite movie, bring new toys and chocolates for the baby and sometimes they also give the baby a ride on themselves which resembles like a ride on an elephant or a horse.

I am not married and don’t have a small baby in my family, but I have an experience with my sister’s daughter. To make her feel happy I always take new toys and chocolates for her. And when I give those things to her, she comes running to me and starts dancing with joy.


But more than everyone others a mother takes care of her baby, from the very first cry of her baby early in the morning till late night when the baby sleeps a mother is the only person who is very much worried about the baby and she tries to avoid even a single issue that would make the baby cry. The biggest worry for a mother is when the baby sleeps at night, if the underpants of the baby get wet then it discomforts the most to the baby. Due to this sometimes the baby may wake up at night and start crying which does not allows the baby to have a sound sleep. To solve this problem I would suggest the parents to use Pampers Baby dry pants as they have some special gel between the layers of the diaper which absorb all the wet stuff and keeps the baby dry and fresh. So the next morning whenever the baby wakes up, she may wake up with a bright and refreshing smile.

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