Story of a New Start


Everyone in their life have many life changing experiences. Those experiences are about the challenges that came to them and the different decisions they took to fight them or solve those problems. Sometimes those decisions also turn out to be the decision that has changed many things in our life. Those decisions give life a new start. A start that takes us to a better future and  shows us the bright sun shining on our success and a start that gives us new opportunities.

In this article my Look Up story to start a New Life. It was the time when I was just ten years old and I was in class five of my secondary education. Things for me were going good as I was good at academic studies and also good at other curricular activities conducted as a part of extra curriculum in my school. No doubts I was a good student at my school. Things for me changed when I heard about a residential school. The name of the school was V. G. International School and was located very far from my city Mumbai.

I came to know about it since one of my cousins was also in the same school. A residential school means a school with a hostel inside the same campus. Many people call these residential schools as boarding school and there is a fear in every child’s mind about it. I was not a mischievous child of my parents and was not forcefully being sent to that school.

I was called for a round of Interview as a formality of International schools and I was amazed after watching the campus of the school. It was between the hills with green environment all over the surrounding. I decided that I will surely complete my further studies here. Luckily I also got selected in the rounds of interview and the final day came when I had to go there for a new start.

As I didn’t had experience of staying away from my parents so it became a little difficult for me in the first week to stay there away from my home and my family. But as the days passed, I started getting many opportunities to participate in carious sports and curricular activities held in the school. I was good in Literature, singing, drawing, acting and sporting games such as football, cricket and basketball. I was selected for the inter-school football and cricket tournaments to play on behalf of my school and this gave me a great opportunity to prove myself at state level competitions.

I had spent 5 years of my life in that school and that gave various opportunities to learn new thing and become self-dependent in my life. Taking admission in that school gave me a new start to face the opportunities of the professional world and hence made me to what I am today from what I was a few years ago.

This was my Look Up story of a new life and readers will be appreciated if they like to share their experiences in the comments section.

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