Happiness of being Together

We all have many people in this world with us who play an important part in many phases of our life. Those people may be our parents, friends, husband, wife, boyfriends, girlfriends, relatives, siblings, cousins and even pets. We all share a very different kind of bonds with them which may be emotional and caring. No doubts we have some separate corner in our hearts where they reside within us and we share a bond of love with them. 

Being with them sometimes gives us different feelings and makes us feel happy and there is a kind of joy between our souls. Their presence makes us feel free and we share many things with them starting with what we did in recent days and we end sharing all the problems of our life with them. Sharing the problems of our life with them gives us a feeling of satisfaction and encourages us to feel strengthen and fight against every evil to solve our problems. That kind of satisfaction gives us the real happiness of life and sometimes it also encourages us for a better future. The encouragement for a better future comes with a lesson of optimism. That lesson of optimism makes us strong and gives us more confidence for our future.

I remember that memorable day of my life when I was together with my parents and those moments filled me up with optimism. This is just one of my life experience when I was in my secondary school. As mentioned earlier in my previous article that I used to study in a residential school in my childhood, these moments are from those days. As a rule of residential schools that the parents are allowed to meet their children who are studying in the residential school only once in a month that too on a day which was decided by the school authorities, we had our first parents meet of the academic year one month after the academic year started. It is really tough for the parents as well as the students to live away from each other for a long time. My parents came on that day to meet me in my hostel. It feels different when you stay away from your parents for a long time and then meet them after a time of one month. They were very happy to see me and even I was happy to meet them. Then our parents were also called to see our performance in the first unit test of the academic year and the lesson of optimism came into my mind when I saw them happy after seeing my performance. I had scored 94% in that test and the happiness that was on my parent’s face was priceless. I could see the pride on their faces and that feeling encouraged me a lot. That feeling thus filled me with enthusiasm and optimism which encouraged me to work even hard in the future tests.

Now whenever I face any problem in my life, I just memorize those memories about the happiness and pride on my parent’s face which gives me strength to fight with all the problems that I face in my life.


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