Enjoy These 10 Videos of Cute Animals Snoozing in Honor of World Sleep Day


Today, March 13, is World Sleep Day. Organized by the World Association of Sleep Medicine, it’s an annual event that’s both a celebration of sleep and “a call to action on important issues related to sleep.”

Though education about sleep disorders and problems caused by lack of sleep is very important, we’d like to focus on the first part of the event: celebrating sleep. Sleep is a very wonderful thing — and nobody sleeps better (or cuter) than animals. Especially baby animals.

So, in honor of the blissful phenomenon that is sleep, here are 10 videos of cute animals snoozing. Grab your pillows and blankets and get some inspiration.

1. A pug

Quentin falls asleep sitting up and then keeps falling over but then sitting back up because he’s just a pug and he doesn’t know any better:

2. A little baby chick

It takes a quick snooze under the…

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