Tastes from the Far East


When someone talks to me about Singapore, the only things that flash commonly in may people’s life including me are its attractions such as The Merlion, Gardens of the Bay, Clarke Quay, Marina Bay Sands Sky park, Universal Studios, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Little India, Night Safari and the Raffles Hotel. These are common attractions of the country and I think they have the hearts of millions of visitors who have visited there till date.

But when a person like me talks about any place, the first time that I spell from my mouth is the famous food available in that place. And when it comes to talking about Singapore, the only reaction my brain gives is by memorizing the tastes of the best cuisines available in Singapore and the mouthwatering effect which makes me say ‘yummy and delicious’ from my hungry stomach. Oh! please stop laughing at me right now because the same thing will happen to you as you read this article further.

Singapore is the place which has broken the patience of almost every visitor who came fasting to the country. I mean even you can’t control yourself when you see dishes like Chicken Rice, Char kway teow, Wantan mee, Carrot cake, chili crab, Popiah and the Prata waiting for you on the dining table. The spicy taste and the feel of heaven when you are really chewing one of the best cuisines of the world in your mouth itself can make you go crazy and eat above your limits.

Here are the facts why you should try the cuisines of Singapore at least once in your life:

Need some peace in your life, try the Singapore Takeaway.

“One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well.” 
― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own


Call it a fact or a reality this is always true that our minds stops working and we don’t feel comfortable if we have not dined well. A tasty meal with a long burp gives you a new refreshing feeling in your mind which takes away all the stresses of our life. And sometimes in your life when you are bored from your work and need some break for a new start, I think the food that you get to eat at Singapore will make you go crazy for it.

Hungry for some best tastes in the world, your search ends here at Singapore.

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” 
― Mark Twain


Every one of us ask a common question to our mom or wife about what she is going to prepare for the dinner. And sometimes many of us are lucky when the option is given to them about what will they like to have but others have to compromise on their hunger. A study says that tired brains get back to work once they have some food that fills their stomach completely with a burp whereas some active brains also go dull when they don’t get to enjoy a meal of their choice.

But what I feel as the reason for my success in my work is eating recklessly what I love to eat. Once you eat some quantity of food that makes your mind happy and gives you a long burp after completing it, I think that is the best happiness a that our stomach and brain feels and gets us back to work with a refreshing start.

A good dinner solves all your problems.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.” 
― Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance


It is true that we forget all the problems of our life after having a dinner that fills our stomach completely. This sometimes makes us think in positive ways and positive ideas come into your mind. Taking your love for a dinner at a good place make the bond of love between both of you much stronger and what can be better in this world than the Singapore Takeaway.

When it comes to me about what on the table in the restaurants of Singapore makes me go mad about the food of Singapore is the Prata Benedict.



I mean for the people who love eggs can’t get any better dish in the entire world rather than the Prata Benedict. Just imagining a Prata topped with poached egg, Indian hollandaise sauce and turkey ham will surely get your mouth flooded with water and you can’t stop yourself from wishing to eat it. That flow of the turkey ham over the poached egg which mixes with the sauce leaves a mark of it on your face near your mouth and on the lips when you bite the prata. And then the delicious feeling when you just wipe the sauce from your lips with your tongue and make a sound from your mouth in your way which means yummy and delicious really gives you one the best feeling of the world. Adding to it when you have the spicy Char kway teow with a chili sauce will give make you feel like heaven. And then you just chew each bite slowly to enjoy the taste of every bit of the dish with a selfish feeling in your mind to grab some more from your friend’s plate without making him know about it.


Trust me hear you are dreaming it, but in Singapore people really do it. So just pack your bags this summer to fly to Singapore and keep your stomachs empty to enjoy all the best dishes available at the Singapore Takeaway. Trust me, you will love it.

Image Source:

memegenerator.net, Stay Far East.


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