Configurator Fun: Mercedes GLA45 AMG

Mind Over Motor

Mercedes GLA45 AMG Configured

The Mercedes GLA45 AMG is basically the luxury rally-ish car of your dreams. That is to say it’s a small all wheel drive car with nimble handling that has a  turbocharged 4-banger which puts out entirely too much power. Yea, I know all about the CLA45 AMG, but I’d rather have this thing with the added suspension travel.

The base price of the GLA45 AMG is $48,300

Mine cost $63,350 spec’d out how I’d want it.

I saw a GLA45 in brown with the brown interior at Pebble Beach this summer, so I had to go with that. I love that you don’t usually see such a combo on an AMG.

As far as options, I got the carbon fiber aero package, but without the ricey spoiler that I hate. I also forwent the Driver Assistance Package, where the car basically drives for you, because I can drive myself, thank you…

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