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“ICC Cricket World Cup!!”

The only thing you get to hear from everyone’s mouth these days. Whether it is at your college or at your work, an International Airport or a Local Bus Transport, from a small child to his grand parents and from your country to Australia & New Zealand. And the best part of the world cup is that it has brought many countries closer to each other and every citizen of each of the country is celebrating this season of world cup as a carnival of celebrations with complete enthusiasm and sportsman spirit.

The Early Years (1975-1987)

Having a small flash back at the history of World Cups, the first world cup was played in the year 1975 which was hosted by England where in 8 teams participated including Australia, East Africa, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the West Indies. The format was a 60 over game and the champions were the West Indies who lifted the World Cup for the first time after defeating Australia in the final which was held at the Lords, United Kingdom. The next world cup was help in 1979 at the same venue where West Indies lifted the world cup for the second time after defeating England in the finals. Canada was the debutant team in 1979. The next world cup was held in 1983 in England and Wales where Zimbabwe participated in the world cups for the first time and the Indians where the champions of the world cup who had won it by defeating the West Indies in the finals and broke their dreams of winning the world cup consecutively for the third time. Then four years later the 4th world cup was help in India where Australia defeated England at the Eden Gardens to win world cup for the first time. The format was same for the three world cups where a match of 60 overs was played between both the sides and then later in 1987 the format was revised to 50 overs and till today it is being continued.

1975 1979 aussie-team Kapil-Dev-Mohinder-Amarnath-World-Cup-1983

In clockwise direction : Champions of 1975 (West Indies), 1979 (West Indies), 1983 (India) and 1987 (Australia).

Fashion Trend (1975 – 1987):

The fashion was not taken much into consideration in those times. As those were the earlier days of world cups and it only had a little audience across the entire world, players were not much worried about the dressing sense and used to wear normal white t-shirts and trousers which are generally now wore in test matches. Players used to have a thick mustache in those days and used to wear woolen sweaters of white color designed with thick lines at the border to protect themselves from cold which are now replaced by jackets.

Colors emerging in World Cups (1992-1996)

In 1992 the world cup was hosted by Australia and New Zealand where South Africa made their debut and the world cup was won by Pakistan. This was the first time when colored t-shirts came into existence in the Cricket world cups. The next world cup was help in 1996 in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan when for the first time the world cup was won by any hosting country. The teams of Kenya, Netherlands and United Arab Emirates made their debut in 1996.

world-cup1 1996-cricket-world-cup-winner-sri-lanka-1419725355

Pakistan team after winning world cup in 1992 (Left) and Sri Lanka in 1996 (Right).

Fashion Trends:

As the jerseys turned colorful in the world cups the journey of the world cups started shining with the emergence of Multi National companies to sponsor the teams and the world cup. The media started emerging more with cricket and famous players started getting contracts for advertising products of the sponsors and this made players to focus on their looks as well.

9All1992 1992+Cricket+World+Cup+Australia+New+Zealand+RZbo3FsYumTl ambush_marketing3

New Colored jerseys of players in the world cup and brands being advertised by famous cricketers.

The Australian Era (1999-2007)

The time period between 1999 to 2007 is also known as the Australian Era as Australia had won all the three world cups help between this period. They defeated Pakistan in 1999, India in 2003 and Sri Lanka in 2007 to win the world cups. Also teams like Bangladesh, Scotland, Namibia, Bermuda and Ireland made their debut in the world cups. This period saw many new fashion trends being made, followed and changed between this time.

1999+Cricket+World+Cup+Great+Britain+JChwE8zDmVxl image_20130323084055 691988-icc-cricket-world-cup

Australia lifting the world cup for three consecutive times in 1999, 2003 and 2007. 2002090500070101 2003020600010105

Advertisements and change of looks of cricketers during the world cup.

From 2011 till today

The world cup in 2011 was held in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and the champions were Indians. The lifted the world cup after 28 years in the 2011 final after defeating Sri Lanka. The story still continues now as the world cup of 2015 is being held in New Zealand and Australia. This year Afghanistan made their debut, even though they failed to qualify for the quarter finals but have gain a good respect in the minds of the cricket fans. ICC-World-Cup-2011-Winner-Team1 Team India lifting the world cup in 2011.

Fashion trends: 

The fashion has now become a concern for almost every cricketer. Due to globalization and popularity of cricket and the cricketers many multi-national brands have come up advertising their product by the cricketers which also pays the cricketers with a huge amount. Cricketer have come up with a fit figured body with hue muscles, also they have changed to many fancy hairstyles which have made them much popular between their fans. Here are some photos some famous cricketers whose hairstyles and fashion concern was appreciated a lot by their fans:

1. Tillekaratne Dilshan (Sri Lanka).

tillakaratnedilshan12 Tillakaratne-Dilshan-Sri--007 (1) Tillakaratne-Dilshan Tillakaratne-Dilshan-Sri--007 Sri-Lankan-cricketer-Tillakaratne-Dilshan-walks-back-to-the-pavilion-after-his-dismissal-during-the-third-and-final-One-Day-International-ODI-cricket-match-between-South-Africa-and-Sri-Lanka-at-the-Ma

2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India).

Dhoni1_1 54971_350_233 2012_2_12-2012_2_12_9_12_13 Mahendra-Singh-Dhoni-Bald-2 maxresdefault (1) 24-mh

3. Chris Gayle (West Indies)

Chris-Gayle-looks-good-007 Chirs-Gayle-HairStyle 578794-chris-gayle

4. Andrew Symonds (Australia).

60270 690371-cricket-039-s-action-man andrew-symonds_AP

5. Umar Akmal (Pakistan).

umar-akmal-hairstyles6 umar-akmal-hairstyles4 umar-akmal-hairstyles1Umar-Akmal-Umrah-Pics-05 Umar-Akmal-Wedding-Mehndi-Pictures-8 6. Lasith Mallinga (Sri Lanka)

Lasath-Malinga-5728602 79601 Lasith+Malinga+2011+ICC+World+Cup+Sri+Lanka+wfgYBwa1UWml

7. Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)

Pakistani-Cricketer-Rising-Star-Shahid-Afridi-Hairstyle-Looks-003 5721697070_c91cd8624b tribune.com_.pk_

8. Umar Gul, Saaed Ajmal and Afridi and others (Pakistan) 

umar-gul umar-gul-hairstyles2 shahid_afridi_umar_gul_saeed_ajmal_pepsi_pakistan_cricket_funny Pakistan-vs-Bangladesh-World-Cup-2015-Match-Start-Time

9. Virat Kohli (India)

virat-kohli-wallpaper 312341-kohli2BVp1tYFCYAAX44n

10. Saurav Ganguly (India)


Here are some advertisements which were done by cricketers:

idea-cricket-keep-cricket-clean vk getimage

Great Support by the fans:

131043 bangladesh-fan-mi-ap images 1915876111

This is what we have seen and we still have a lot to see from our favorite cricketers in the future. This was my blog entry about how cricket players have become more fashion conscious as a part of Blogger Dream Team. All the Best to every team playing in the knockouts for their matches and hope the best team win this world cup. Thanks for reading and have a good day.


Image Source: Google.


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