What makes me feel Happy


Happiness has different meanings for various different people in their life. For some people happiness is in being rich and have your bank balance or greater than your mobile number, or for some people happiness is a well settled middle class life where you have your own house, car and a permanent job which pays you something that can provide you a semi or fully luxurious life, well for other people their happiness does not exists in money but they find happiness with their friends, parents, neighbors, relatives and other people in their lives who care for them as well share a strong bond of love between each other.

Those are some common ways people find themselves happy and every one of us do fall in between these common categories. Keeping in mind about the International day of Happiness today I will be sharing what makes me happy in accordance with Coca-Cola and I am very thankful to them to give me an opportunity to share my thoughts with my readers.

If I talk about myself then three things in my life make me feel the happiest person in the world. Those three things are People, Money and Delicious Food.

People in my life make me feel the happiest person as there is a strong bond of love I share with my loved ones and do care for them equally as they care for me. I feel happier when I enjoy with my friends such as hanging out with them till late in the night or celebrating a friend’s birthday or playing cricket with them, go out with my family or share some family time such as small a get together or late night gossips where we share much more about each other and feel free from the problems that we all are facing in our real lives. I prefer people more a I feel that it is easy to earn money compared to make strong relations with people as there will only be memories that will make us smile in the last days of our lives.

Secondly what makes me happier is money and I don’t think I have discovered any special and new reason about why money makes people like me and you happy. It is obvious that you need money to fulfill all your needs and dreams and with more money you can enjoy a splendid and a very luxurious life. With money you can keep your honey happy and can enjoy a wonderful life with her.

The third think that makes me feel happy is food. It is a fact that when you have not dined well then you cannot work well, love well and sleep well. I love to have variety of dishes and that makes me feel happier and makes my brain work even faster and if your brain works faster, you complete your work on time which makes you feel even happier.

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