Morning with Mr. Gupta’s family

What according to you gives you a perfect start for the day early in the morning?

Early morning jogging and exercises, deep meditation and yoga, a walk around the beach, listening to old movie songs or religious music, having a bath in a big bath tub with hot water, visiting to a temple, sleeping for more time and awaking late in the morning or having a healthy, nutritious, delicious and sweet breakfast.

Many of you may prefer a good session if jogging and exercises along with yoga or listening to old songs in the morning or just sleeping for more time. But no one of you will object on having a healthy and nutritious breakfast. I can’t recollect the exact words but I still remember the moral of the fact that someone told me. Someone told me that one should have a breakfast like a king, lunch like a minister and dinner like a soldier. Even many of you may have heard it sometimes may be from your parents, teachers, grandparents or other elder members in the family, relatives and the neighbors.

Well let me clear things first that having a breakfast like a king doesn’t means sitting on a throne and dressing like a king for having the breakfast or just speaking like a minister while having the lunch or standing in attention like the soldier while having the dinner. That was just for fun but those lines meant that a person should start a day with a big plate of fruits, dishes and milk for the breakfast. By comparing it with the king meant like having the food in a quantity or amount of food that a king eats. As we all have been listening this from ages that a king’s meal consist of 56 varieties of dishes. And from the same comparison it should understood that someone should have a kind of meal as a breakfast which has varieties of food that are very nutritious to us and should have the breakfast in a quantity which is the biggest among all the other meals. According to me a healthy breakfast consists of some fruits, a glass of juice or milk, cereals, sprouts, pulses, corn flakes, bread and butter or some hot and freshly cooked dish.

In the video you see everyone asking Mr. Gupta regarding when is he calling them to their family to have some breakfast. You might be wondering what is special at Mr. Gupta’s home and why does everyone want an invitation just to go there for a breakfast, even I was confused but then when I came to know that Mrs. Gupta prepares over a 100 mouthwatering recipes that too taking care of the facts that the breakfast is delicious, nutritious, healthy and sweet. And the amazing thing is that Mrs. Gupta has made over a 100 mouthwatering recipes with a common ingredient in it. And the common ingredient is something which is very common to us from our childhood and is known to us by the name Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. Just imagine variety of dishes made with adding Kellogg’s corn flakes in it, they will really leave your mouth watering.


So what are you waiting for?

Just join me to have a breakfast at Mr. Gupta’s family. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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