Quadcopter Using the new Moto E – #ChooseToStart


Motorola has always been manufacturing some amazing products from the past such as the DROID series, RAZR series, Electrify and now the Moto E, G and X. Recently Motorola has launched some exciting and affordable products such as the Moto E and the Moto G which have been the best sellers in the smart phone market. I have been using the Moto E since last 7 months and I have many memories associated with it. I remember those days of playing multi-player games like Virtual Tennis with your friends. The long battery life has never let me down and the touch experience on the phone was also amazing. Unlike my friends who purchased smartphones of other brands and faced problems like the phone getting hanged, I have been lucky to buy this phone and have never faced this problem till today. It also helped me to connect with my girlfriend and talk with her for hours. The camera of the Moto E also helped me to capture many golden memories of my life. And now Motorola is up with its new smartphone which is also known as the Moto E 2nd generation.

The new Moto E comes with the latest version of Android which is the Android Lollipop. In addition to it also has a larger display compared to the older version of Moto E and it also has the secondary camera so that you can take amazing selfies of yours with your friends and capture your golden memories with the all new Moto E. And this time I am really very excited to explore the new Moto E and #ChooseToStart over hundreds of functions and applications available on the new Moto E.

Well, I will #ChooseToStart with many features of Android on the New Moto E and also Explore something really different using the new Moto E. Here are some common features that I will love to use on the new Moto E:

1. ‘Clicks’ and ‘Clicks’ with the 5 Megapixel Camera


As the Moto E has helped me a lot to capture many of my golden memories in my past, I would start clicking photos and selfies with all my loved ones such as my friends and family.

2. #ChooseToStart Gaming on a LCD screen.


Gaming has always been something which has addicted me to it since years. And my gaming experience was enhanced when I started using the older Moto E. Now with the new Moto E we get a 4.5″ LCD screen which I think will give me the best gaming experience on a smartphone.

3. #ChooseToStart with Social Networking.


With the all new secondary camera, I will enjoy networking on applications like Snapchat. I will also connect with my people on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+, etc. in fractions of seconds.

4. Play my favorite music and watch movies on the new Moto E.



I love to listen music and with the all new Moto E smartphone I can enjoy listening to music at public places such as buses and trains. I will also watch TV shows, Movies and other videos on YouTube .

5. No worries if I get lost.

With the GPS connectivity on the new Moto E, I will drive to new places and if I get lost anywhere in between then I will not require to spot myself on the map and then find my way. With the new Moto E smartphone I will easily track my location and then find my way using the Google Maps application installed on the Moto E.

Well, these things were something common which every new Moto E user will enjoy on his smartphone. But what I am aiming to explore with this phone is something different.

The Bigger Story

I wish to use the new Moto E to design my own portable Quad copter. Generally the quad copters available in the market are too expensive. Whereas they can be designed on their own using some technical skills. I wish to design my own quad copter using the new Moto E. The reason for this is that the phone is very slim in size and is also very light by weight. I will be designing my own quad copter using a plastic frame, fixing the motors and fix the remote control device on it.




Since the new Moto E is small and light in weight, it will easily fix to the frame and I can also remove it whenever I want. So that saves my cost of buying cameras. Also the new Moto E supports the WiFi connectivity which I will use to pair my Laptop with or mobile with the Moto E. Since a WiFi has a wide range of connectivity, it will keep my quad copter tuned even at larger heights as I will tune my transmitting devices by tuning with the Moto E. When the transmitter devices are tuned to the Moto E, I can easily send the signals to the Moto E which is synchronized with the transmitter and the Moto E will send the signals to the transmitter. With Moto E’s hard body there will be rare chances of damages and hence I will be designing a very affordable quad copter.

I will require me some extra application which I will be designing such that they can work with other phones as well. I #ChooseToStart with the new Moto E for designing my quad copter since this was the only phone that was affordable to me and I purchased it. And it helped me a lot to explore and learn about the Android operating system and that is the reason why I want to make this facility available to the Moto E users before other phones.



That was all from me about how will I #ChooseToStart with the all new Moto E, thanks for reading it and I hope you liked it. You can learn more about Moto E at http://www.startwithmotoe.com/.

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