Digital India

Technology has helped us challenge the worst conditions and come up with flying colors. If we take ourselves back by a time of 100 years, things which are possible today were hardly even imagined by people neither in their dreams nor in the reality. Science has really helped the humanity a lot in many ways and will even lead to a better future which will make our lives much better and faster.


If we compare the time a few  centuries ago to what we are today, surely there will be many facts which will really make us feel proud for the Digital Technology we have today. Just imagine the time when there were big telephones and talking to someone via it was only a part of luxury by rich people. The weight of the telephone itself required to people to hold it if it was to be carried from one place to another, people in those days would have never even imagined that one day there will be such a device which will be of the size of their hands and will help to connect with people staying millions of miles away from us.

le to hold

The owners of this computer never thought that there will be something called tablets in the future which will be 100 times faster and better than this computer.


And no one ever thought that there will be something called music players which will store thousands of songs and would play louder than this phonograph.


Technology has helped us a lot to develop in every department. Early morning when we start our day, we have televisions which give us complete information about what is going on in the world. Then we have various devices such as the washing machines, oven, fridge, vacuum cleaner, etc. to help us in our household chores. Then during the time when we travel to our office, we have mobile phones that connect us with our loved ones and also we can play games on it or listen music which helps us to pass our time during we travel. Then in the offices we have that big computer which does all our tasks in seconds. So concluding to a single point we find technology with us all throughout the day and they have become very important parts of our lives that it is difficult to live without them. But I am not here to talk about the evolution of technology nor I am trying you to explain features of any technology, but today I am here to share my opinions about how can the latest Digital technologies help us for the betterment of the society.


I know the fact that technology has helped us in many ways. We have smartphones to connect with any part of the world on this planet, we have advanced computers which help us complete our tasks easily in fractions of seconds and we also have television for the best entertainment. But we are still lagging in a field where technology has got many things to offer but still those assets are far away from the reach of the needful.

I am talking about the farmers of India.

Today we have the technology which takes us to Moon but still that technology can’t help a farmer to stop himself from committing a suicide.


We can survive without cars but still the manufacturer of automobiles are rich, we can survive without a telephone but still manufacturers of mobile phones are rich, we cannot survive without food but still a farmer is poor.


This is something which we all know but still we do ignore it. The new technology has always made people smile but what is the use of that technology that cannot help a farmer to get a good crop on his land. The new technology has always made our lives simpler, but what is the use if we cannot utilize it to help that farmer who has worked hard all day and night on his field to cultivate a good crop but still fails to get it.

There is a dialogue from the movie Interstellar:

Frankly, the world doesn’t need any more engineers. We didn’t run out of trains or television sets or satellites.

We ran out of food.

The world needs farmers, Mr. Cooper.

Which means that in the world that we are living today, we already have people who are coming with some appreciable inventions to develop in the electronics industry. But we need people to come and show some excellence in the field of agriculture because we are not running short of computers and televisions but we are running short of food and the farmer who works hard for us day and night is struggling to find a two times meal for himself and his family.

My opinion about the Digital technology is that I want it to reach to the most needful section of the society. I wish to take this technology to the people such as the farmers and laborers who work all day just to feed us. There was a time when India was known as a country whose primary occupation was agriculture and more than one third of the country was involved in that occupation. But today those numbers have reduced by a great margin and we our farmers are facing the worst problems faced by anyone ever. Today our farmers need to kill themselves just because a natural calamity ruined their crop and they failed to pay their loans.


lentil-farmer _77673455_gadget624

I wish that Biotech Engineering should be introduced to farmers and they should be provided with the advanced tools for farming. Introducing the farmers to biotech engineering and the advanced technical aspects of modern farming practices will help them to prevent their crop even when natural calamities turn their backs to the farmers. I wish that there should be advancement in irrigation facilities which also prevents soil erosion so that the same land can be used to cultivate multiple crops in a year.

farmsight_map technology i-632243530bb0b97a0dcfacddaeed2403-data-farm ag-technology-364x275 Large Square Baler 1433

And if we are successful in doing that then it will bring smiles on the faces of our farmers and stop them from committing suicides which I think will be the best thing that technology would have ever done to humanity and by this E-Governance could accelerate the vision of Digital India by the help of technology. Let’s help the farmers to help them in getting introduced to the latest Digital Technologies by supporting the #DigitalIndia initiative by Intel and stop farmers from committing suicides and use their skills for the development of the country. And let’s modify the statement given by former Prime Minister of India Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastriji who stated:

‘Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan’


‘Jai Kisaan, Jai Vigyaan’.

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