Crash The Pepsi IPL

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I’m voting for the best ads in the#CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 6th May to 14th May. Are you?

Pepsi IPL is the cricketing festival of India. I remember the year when it started in 2008 and in no time it resided in the hearts of every cricket fan of this country. The league has support by its fans in every part of the country and also various other countries in the world. When it comes to IPL, the best thing you can imagine is that you and all your friends or family members have gathered at a place, all holding their seats tight and enjoying the cricket with snacks. And when the talk comes to snacks, every one has their own menu varying from wada pavs to pizzas, biscuits to wafers and popcorns. But the only thing common between all of us on every table are the cans of Pepsi. No cricket match is complete without a drink of Pepsi. We all love drinking Pepsi and it has always been a partner of our good times may be its a party or a wedding, a cricket match or a football match, in hot summer or the chilling winter, Pepsi is always there with us to support at the good as well as the bad times. But today we are not going to discuss about the Indian Premier League nor I am here to publicize Pepsi. Today we are discussing about those Pepsi Ads which will be hitting your television soon, which are made by many brilliant minds to Crash the Pepsi IPL. Well when the time we people were busy getting ourselves out from the world cup loss against Australia, yes the one match that we gave to Australia as a tribute to Philip Hughes. These brilliant minds were on work to make the best Pepsi IPL ads to Crash the Pepsi IPL. Here we are gonna discuss or rather appreciate or criticize the best entries for this campaign which were selected as winners by the jury. You can check the entire list here, but the best ones are gonna be under the talks in this article. So here are the winners of this campaign: Ahead of Time.

I would really appreciate the participant who gave girls a chance in his video rather than picking a dozen of boys for this ad. This also supports that girls can equally enjoy the game as the boys do. Apart from this facts I like this ad as it also goes with my mind, even I go running and jump to grap the Pepsi leaving everything aside. Because I feel that when you #SeeItAbhi, you should #LiveItAbhi. The canteen Ad.

This ad was a simple ad not much exciting but from Pepsi’s point of view they must have felt it a better advertisement for them. But on the other hand it is also a point to agree that if you feel thirsty, Pepsi is the best option to fill your thirst so why waste the chance of getting the best moments with Pepsi. Just grab one and #LiveItAbhi. The Indian Ad.

This was something which made my mouth watering, I think even you can’t stop yourself after having a look at such wonderful dishes. But according me this ad was a delicious and a creative ad. I think the mind behind it did a very clever and easy thing which made a great impact in our minds. Hats off to the creativity. Well, thats not all. After spending 15 minutes reading this post and watching the ads you must be feeling a little thirsty as well. So just don’t let this thirst go away by drinking a glass of water. Enjoy the #LiveItAbhi moments by grabbing a can of Pepsi. Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos and participate in the activity at BlogAdda.


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