Happiness Living Together.

Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.

What is the perfect formula for happiness according to you:

Is it money multiplied by freedom divided by constraints, or is it money raised to infinity.

Why did I forget the integraiuon of a set containing a luxorious home, beautiful wife, dashing sports car, a big office and a bank balance which keeps on getting incremened evrtime.

Well, in this article I am not here to teach you the lessons of Science or Mathematics and nor I am here to test your knowledge in the respective fields. Today I will be discussing some points related to happiness. Happiness is not something which the heaviest wallet can buy nor it is something that can be achieved in a cheaper way. It is something that comes to ou in some unexpected ways. By terming happiness coming in unexpected ways never mean hat they come to you when you start ignoring things, bu it comes to you when start living for others.

We all may have our ways of celebrating happiness but no happiness can ever be celebrated by missing our loved ones, by saying our loved ones never means our boyfreind or a girlfriend. rather sometimes they may also be a part of it but the best ways happiness is celebrated with the people who share small roles in our lifes but they have a huge impact and a bond of affection with us.

For example, no family occasions can ever be celebrated without the elders of a family and never a birthday party can be celebrated without the young ones in the family. Its not a fact that celebrations can never occur without them but on the other hand their presence in small occasions of life give us some kind of happiness which is cheaper but priceless.

One Essential Standard For Living Is Being Able To Be Happy. Happiness Can Be Found In Many Different Forms. It Can Be Found With The Purchasing Of Inanimate Objects That Better Our Living Styles Or It Can Be Found With Someone Else That You Associate With. The Latter Is The More Imperative Of The Designs Of Happiness.

In Order To Be Truly Happy You Need To Be Able To Understand That Everything Is Good Within Your Own Life And That You Are Able To Be Happy With The People That Are In Your Life And The People That Influence How You Live Your Daily Life.

Happiness Is All Of The Good That Someone Experiences Combined Into One Emotion. This Emotion Can, And Usually Does, Bring Out The Best In People.

For Someone To Be Happy They Need To Know That Everything That Has Happened In Their Past Has Happened For A Reason And That It Has Happened In Order For Them To Become A Better Person. Not Only Does It Make Them A Better Person But It Also Makes Them Realize How Good They Have It Or Can Possibly Have It. Although Things Might Be Hard To Deal With At The Moment, People Need To Realize That They Will Be Able To Learn From Their Experiences And That They Will Learn To Take The Good From Them All.

In The End, The Hard Times Will Help People Strive For Happiness. Happiness Isn’t Free. You Have To Earn It And Work To Keep It. The Price For Happiness Is Having To Suffer And Having To Question Events That Occur During One’s Life. People Need To Be Able To Adapt To Their Surroundings So That They Can Get The Best Out Of Them.

You Can’t Live Your Life In Fear Of What Can Go Wrong. You Just Need To Go Out And Live Your Life To The Fullest And Know That You’ll Be Happy, Even If Something Doesn’t Go The Way That You Had Planned It To.

The Best Kind Of Happiness Is When You Know That You Are Able To Care For Someone And That They May Care About You. They May Just Be Your Friends But You Care About Them Enough That You Want What Is Best For Them And In Return They Want The Same For You. This Kind Of Happiness Is Of The Purest Form. It Is An Unspoken Agreement Between People That Says That Each Of You Will Do Whatever They Can To Make The Other Person Happy And That In This Process You, Yourself, Will Be Able To Be Happy And Enjoy The Moment.

Happiness May Come And Go Like The Seasons But In The End, Every Moment That You Have That Is Filled With Happiness Will Be Well Worth The Sad Or Unnerving Ones That You Have Had To Endure.

Whatever you call it, happiness is always incomplete without the people for whom you care and their presence adds world’s best feeling of togetherness and makes you feel the most happies ever.

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