Flipkart Free Delivery Trick

Flipkart is one of the very famous eCommerce website. It is India’s fastest growing online retailer company. And nowadays we do find many exciting offers on Flipkart, whether it is Mobile or Mobile accessories, Electronic gadgets, Home and Kitchen devices, etc. Sometimes we do get to see such amazing offers with very low price which makes us crazy about buying products from Flipkart.

But that craze lasts within is for a very limited time. At the moment we find that there is a Delivery or Shipping charge along with the product, some of us just simply close the tabs and forget about buying the product. The shipping charges to irritate us a lot and all that we can do is just buy the product at the same price or just forget it. I remember the Re. 1 (One Rupee in Indian Currency) sale where Flipkart was selling on-the-go (OTG) cables for only rupee 1. I was looking to buy it from a few days and the moment I saw the price on Flipkart, I was filled with excitement.

But that excitement lasted only for the time I could click to buy it and go to the product page. And what I saw was something very common on eCommerce websites. The cable which was sold for Re. 1 had Rs.99 shipping charges. And all I could do that time was to drop the idea and purchase it for around Rs. 50 from a local store. But recently I have learned the Flipkart Free Delivery trick which helps you to waive the shipping charges. And in this article I am gonna share that trick with you.

For demonstration I have selected to purchase the ncase Xiaomi Redmi 2 screen guard. In an offer it was available for Rs.11 where as its original price was Rs.69. With no surprises I did found the shipping charges. Now to avoid this I can subscribe to the Flipkart First service given by Flipkart where the products are delivered within a day and there is no shipping charge. But for that I had to spend more 500 bucks from my pocket and I am not the one who will spend the money for such stupid things. The I used the Free delivery trick.

Step 1:

Go to the Product page. Make sure that the product has the f Advantage (Flipkart First Advantage) badge which you will find next to the details of the seller.


Note: Free delivery trick will only work for products with the f Advantage badge.

Step 2:

Add the product to you cart. Now you can find the shipping charges along with the product.


Step 3: 

Now search for a product which has a MRP of Rs.500 or more with Free Shipping and also it has the f Advantage badge. For demonstration we have selected the Moto G. It is advisable to select products sold by the seller WS Retail.


Step 4:

Add the product to your cart. Now go to your cart, you will find the shipping charges of the product you wanted to buy is now Free.


Step 5:

Complete the order by selecting Cash on Delivery. After completing the order, just go back to the orders section and cancel the other product. That’s all, you have successfully waived the delivery charges.


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