#SniffSniff – My Nose Knows

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.


Did you know the fact that your nose which is placed ahead of all other parts on your face can detect up to 1 trillion smells, but unfortunately we only get to experience the unpleasant smells for the majority of times. I know this is sounding a little unpleasant as well, that we have got such a good nose and all what it gets is unpleasant smells.

Unpleasant smells are something which spoil all the fun at many times, just imagine you are watching a football match in a room with all your friends and all the lights are switched off in order to enjoy the visuals of the football match in a better, now all of a sudden when you are in the most interesting part of the match and all of a sudden on of your friends farts ‘silently’. I know this is a natural activity but on such a good occasion when you are enjoying the match and all of a sudden there blasts a silent bomb in your room, and on the very next second everyone in the room runs here and there just to avoid the unpleasant smell. After a few minutes when things are normal again, each one in the room starts investigating the situation and everyone suggests his theory regarding who was that bloody terrorist who did this criminal act and the terrorist himself starts shouting first blaming on others. At such moments I practically feel to lock him inside the toilet till he himself experiences a little of it.

Trust me guys, such situations really irritate a lot. But according to what my nose knows, this is still tolerable. Yes, you read it right, I said its still tolerable when you hear my story. My story is the time when I used to return home from college. I live in Mumbai and so you all may be well aware about the lifeline of Mumbai, the Local trains. Returning home at evening in a local train of Mumbai itself is an adventurous act. If you don’t trust me then I suggest that you yourself should try travelling in a Borivali, Virar, Thane or Panvel train at 6 pm, you will get one of the best experiences of your life. First of all there are no escalators to take you inside a railway station, you need to struggle a lot just to reach the platform. Then the platform welcomes you with thousands of other passengers all standing to catch a train. You read the indicator board and after a few minutes the train arrives on the platform. You try a lot to take that train but still fail, this process continues till more two trains are missed. And finally you catch the forth train and enter in it, the first thing you look forward is getting on a seat, you have desires of getting a full seat but you end up by saying “Bhai thoda jaga do na” to the third person from the window. But sometimes if you are not that lucky enough, you have to continue your journey holding the standees and support rods on the train.


Here comes the horrible scene, there is lady standing in front of you and there is a crowd behind you which pushes you every now and then due to the dancing moves of the train. Now you are just stuck up, you can’t even move front neither you can move back. You just balance yourself on one leg and struggle to get some breeze on your face, you move your face upward and all you get to smell is the stinky Chameli oil applied on the hair of the person next to you. You then turn your right, and there comes the body odour into the picture, a men standing near the steel panel taking a support of it and both his hand are holding the standees. Your head just gets trapped between his two armpits and your Happy Journey turns out to be world’s best journey. This continues for other half an hour till the time you reach your place.


And the feeling you get after getting off the train is more than being in heaven, finally only my nose knows how it handled the situation.

Well, this was my story for the #sniffsniff activity. Thanks for reading and I would really appreciate if the readers do share their odour story in the comments section. After all, only our nose knows it!!


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