#SniffSniff Meet


I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea

Fighting body odour is something that not all of us care about but indeed it is a very important issue to care of. I think almost everyone may have experienced some very awkward situations where you may have to run away from a person no matter you know him or not just because he was smelling bad. Also when you are at a public place such as a local train in Mumbai and suddenly some person raises his arms and you just turn your head away from him to save your nose smell the odour of his body. I mean this is not a fact to laugh on, but rather than laughing we should look forward to find a solution for it.

A man who works for hours in a gym smells like a rotten onion after he walks out, and suddenly as he approaches to you, you feel like running away. This is not is his fault, it is natural and can happen with you as well. This problem of body odour is basically found more in men because of the hormone testosterone present in them. And the worst thing about body odour is that the person who has got it doesn’t know about it and the people who are running from him don’t even to dare to discuss that problem with him.

Nivea started the #SniffSniff activity on 7th of June where bloggers received 3 different packages on each alternate days till 12th June.

Package 1:

On day 1 we received a box which had a clip and a picture of a man’s nose. This clip was pinned on the nose. This basically meant to close your nose or rather block it from breathing him the odour.



Package 2:

On Day 3 we got a small sack which contained coffee beans. I generally meant how people keep it with themselves and use it to avoid odour.


Package 3:

On Day 5 we received a mask. And it is self explanatory that we use the mask to avoid the unpleasant smells in our surrounding.

IMG_20150613_092652 IMG_20150613_092626

On 13th June, the final meet was conducted at the Four Seasons Hotel in Worli, Mumbai. Where the famous bollywood actor Mr. Arjun Rampal spoke to us about fighting Body odours.  It was a great interactive session with him as well. He explained us how someone’s body odour can affect him as well as the person sitting next to him. If one of your friends was smelling bad then surely its your responsibility to let him know about it.  There may be different reactions but surely when you make him understand about it, he will act upon it and it will help him save his important meeting or an important date.


On the same evening Nivea Body Deodorizer was launched by Arjun himself with the Nivea team and they shared with us the facts how Nivea Body Deodorizer helps you to control your body odour. They even shared their product with me and I have been using it from 3 days and till now I have no negative experience.


And finally on the next day the suspense was over when we received the Nivea Body Deodorizer as the forth and the final package of the #SniffSniff Activity.

Before we end up with this article I have a short clip for you and I am sure you are gonna enjoy it a lot.

I am sure you might have liked the video, now join Nivea in the #BanBodyOdour activity and help your friends, cousins and family members to fight and get rid of their body odour.


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