Kill the bad smell, before they kill you – #SmellyToSmiley

“Each house has a color, a smell”


This quote is simple in words, but has many meanings to understand. A house is a place where a day starts and ends for everyone of us. We all try various ways of decorating it and making it look the best, after all its our world and every human loves to live in a beautiful surrounding. We decorate our house in various ways such as painting the walls with different colors, arranging all the things in a systematic way, putting beautiful curtains, flower vase, bookshelves, lamps, etc. But even after decorating the home in the best ways possible, 2/3rds of Indian husbands prefer meeting up with friends and extended family outside rather than at their own home. Well, even I sometimes prefer meeting outside rather than inviting people at my home and the reason behind doing this is not that my home is untidy or not clean, but despite of all the hard work that we do to keep our home clean we still feel some bad smell inside our home.

Bad smells are something which spoil the beauty of our home often many times, and it irritates us a lot as well. Just imagine a day on your weekend when a few of your friends or relatives wish to come to your home, and you have to tell them to meet at a place such as a restaurant instead of your home because of the bad smell that has covered your home. Unpleasant smells are something which cannot be removed completely from a place, but they can be avoided. There are various ways through which there can be bad smells in your home, such as smells of dirty and unwashed clothes, smells of rotten eggs and other pulses, smell of your shoes and socks, smells when you mom is making ghee at home, smells of waste food, etc.

There are various ways to fight against bad smells in your home, some common ways are lighting some incense sticks in your home, sending dirty and unwashed clothes for laundry and cleaning that place with water added with phenyl, putting chopped lemon pieces in your dustbin, throwing away the rotten food material and washing the place properly, etc. I think many of them must have used these ways to avoid unpleasant smells in their home. But let me tell you, getting rid of unpleasant smells is not that easy as you have to face that smell while doing it which is really horrible.

I will share you my experience when I was alone at home and my cousin sister was coming with her two friends, I had just arrived from the gym and the neatness of my room was really scary. I had a time of only 30 minutes and my room was stinking like hell. All I could do is clean everything and try to remove the bad smell from my home, and then I made a counter plan to remove the smelling terrorists from my home.

Step  1:

Dirty Clothes are something which give a very bad smell. One should send them immediately to laundry.


Step 2:

Shoes and socks stink a lot after a long use, they smell that bad that they can even faint a person. Socks should be sent for wash or thrown away and to avoid the smell of the shoes one should put some talcum powder inside it and let them dry in the sunlight.


Step 3:

Smells in the kitchen are really very bad and they spread faster than other smells. All  the rotten eggs, fruits and vegetables should be thrown immediately to avoid the unpleasant smells.


Step 4:

Dustbins and garbage bags should be disposed early in the morning. If they are not disposed on time then they can cause a lot of unpleasant smell in your home.


Step 5:

Cleaning is done, what next?

Even after cleaning the bad smell stays in your home. Hence to avoid it you can light some incense sticks else use a Room freshener.




Finally we can breathe a sigh of relief, the game is over. Bad smells are defeated and we win. Just take a game on like me and fight against the bad smells of your home. And do remember:

“Kill the bad smell, before they kill you”.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur


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