#SniffSniff – What’s inside the box?

I’m using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #sniffsniff at BlogAdda


It was on 7th June 2015, Sunday, when many of the male bloggers from Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi received a box which was Blue in color and it had #sniffsniff written on it. This was the first product out of the three products that we all were supposed to receive for the #sniffsniff activity. By the ways, the #sniffsniff activity was still a suspense for all the bloggers and we were supposed to guess the secret behind the #sniffsniff activity through the products we receive in the time span of the contest.

After receiving a square shaped blue color box I just opened it to check for the 1st clue of this investigation. I opened the box and all what I found was an image of a human face (male) pinned with a wooden clip on the nose. You can check it in the image that I have shared below, from that I guessed that it is gonna be something related to bad odours.


Then after a day, I received the second product for the #sniffsniff activity on the third day of this contest. The second parcel contained a small jute sack with the tag of #sniffsniff. Before opening the sack I just tried to smell it and all I could guess was some smell of coffee beans. And fortunately this time I was 100% correct with what was inside it, but on the other side the task was not completed yet as I had still not guessed what the contest was about. The product for day 2 had coffee beans which many people generally keep with them and they use it at some places where there is some unpleasant smell.


On the fifth day of this contest I received the third and the last parcel of this contest. Well, this time there was nothing to smell in it and after opening the box I found a white color mask in it. The box contained a card with the mask which explained how a mask can help our nose to avoid the unpleasant smells that we may deal across in our surroundings.



The last box also contained a message on the card  which explained the importance of a mask. And the message was about the product itself where there was a link given to check for more details about the contest. And on the link I found a video of the #BanBodyOdour campaign and after watching the video it was sure that there is some new product from Nivea to fight against the body odours and the famous bollywood actor Mr. Arjun Rampal was its brand ambassador. I did a little research on google and I guessed the product that it was Nivea Body Deodorizer.

On the next day the product was finally launched after the meet conducted for the campaign in Four Seasons Hotel, Worli by Mr. Arjun Rampal and the team in NIvea India. And the product was Nivea Body Deodorizer which was what I guessed a day before the launch.



On the next day of the meet the suspense was over when we all received the product itself as gift from Blogadda. My investigation was correct and I really enjoyed this campaign organised by Blogadda and Nivea.


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