5 tips to attract more followers on Twitter

In the rise of the popularity of social media platforms, one cannot deny that Twitter is one the most popular. But the real question is, why is twitter very popular?

Why teens and adults alike are so engrossed in this micro blogging site?


Well the real answer is that nowadays, less is actually more. As people live in this fast paced world, knowing and releasing as much information in the most minimum amount of time is important. Second, reaching out to other people is now more convenient. Whether it may be a celebrity or a very important person, contacting them through Twitter is now as convenient as ever. You can never underestimate the power of 140 characters.

For some people, popularity can be important. Twitter has this conventional follower count for the number of people who has took the time to click the follow button to get feeds and get updated with your twitter posts. The higher that number is, the more popular you are in the Twitter world.
So, if you are in for twitter popularity, what can you do to have high amount of Twitter followers? You can follow these 5 easy tips:
Know your niche
A niche is something which you need to focus all your mind on. You have to know what your posts need to focus on. One of the reasons why a twitter user follows another twitter user is the fact that they can relate to the tweets of the user. Imagine this, if you are a fan of say, One Direction and wants to know more about their current projects, you may actually want to follow twitter accounts that only post about One Direction and not a user that posts about topics that are not interesting to you. This is a tip for you to know what to tweet about as it can be the force to stop the unfollow button from being activated.
You have to know your target audience
As a twitter user that wants a lot of followers, you have to know which followers you want. Like in school, you can find many kinds of people with different kinds of interest. Knowing this is generally important because talking about Anime to a group of KPop fanatics who may not be interested in Anime may drift them away from you and we don’t want that, right?
Speak in the manner that is appropriate for your audience
You don’t speak with formal words when you chitchat with your girl friends about boys and you don’t speak in the manner that you speak with your best friends during your usual chitchats when you are having formal reports and doing job interviews, right? Speaking in an appropriate manner is very important as it can mean otherwise if the left foot is being stepped while you need the right one.
Be updated
Don’t report about the happenings years ago because people may already know them and want to know more about the current ones. Stay updated with the current trends and then you can write about them. You can research or speak about what you think with the current happenings. Social media is interactive and people nowadays want to talk about ‘what is hot’ and not ‘what is not’.
ENJOY Twitter

You have to like what you are tweeting about. If you are at the end not interested in the topic and is not in the same boat with your audience, then posting updates about them is absolutely tiring and tedious. You need to have the drive to strive! In the end, twitter, like other social media, is there for us to unwind, to stay updated, and to interact.
Society has now more freedom to speak up and to be aware of current issues through the different social media platforms. So, as a bonus tip, one must always bear in the mind to always know your limits. You have to think and judge if what you are doing is something that is not harmful in all parties. Take responsibility of your actions and always remember that you are not the only one who can click and post.


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