#HugYourDad – Happy Father’s Day


A son’s First Hero,

A daughter’s First Love”.


Do you remember the days of your life when you used to wait for someone in you family to arrive early at night. And when he used to come home, you were the person who used to look after all his luxuries so that he can settle down quickly and feel relaxed. And then you used to sit beside him for a while and narrate all the good things you did on that day from completing the homework on time to winning a competition in your school, you would yell him all the good things about yourself such as you going to the school on time, finishing the lunch box completely, getting appreciated by the teacher in your school, hitting a huge six while playing cricket with your friends, helping your mom in her household chores, completing your homework and a then finally you show a special art made by you in the form of drawing where you have drawn yourself holding some toy that you want him to buy it for you.

And on the very next day when you repeat the same procedure again, that person picks something out of his bag like a santa picks a gift from his sack and says you to keep your eyes closed. And at the very next moment when you open your eyes you find that same toy what you had drawn yesterday on a piece of paper has now appeared on your hands like a miracle happening in front of you. And in the next moment you jump towards that person raising your arms with a great smile on your face to hug him tight for the love and affection he has for you.

Well, that person was no one other than your father who just understood that his son wants that toy and on the very next day he brings it for you without any objections. A father is a person who does not needs any special computer to read his child’s mind, its the love he has for his child which makes him understand things before the child even utters it.

Today we are grown up but we still follow that same way on the first day of every week or month at the time of asking pocket money from our dad, and he gives it without asking any questions with a big smile on his face. But unlike our days of childhood we don’t thank him in the same way as we used to express it when we were kids. And now we are grown ups after all and things like touching his feet or hugging him is something we are ashamed of and we also feel a little embarrassed when doing it in front of public.

We do complaint our dad if he forgets to gift something on our birthday, but he never complained when we knowingly ignored to wish him “Happy Father’s Day”. We did post pictures of our dad on social media with beautiful poem lines copied from the internet, but we forgot to wish our dad “Happy Father’s Day”.

Well, its not too late. Just go to your dad and hug him. Trust me that will give him that happiness which is even expensive than a billion dollars. And this will act as a medicine for all the problems he is taking everyday in working hard just to see you happy. And that in real sense will be a Happy Father’s Day for your Dad.

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the#HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.


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