Goodbye Household Odours!!


Just a few days back I had written a blog post about about how to avoid bad smells at your home for the #SmellyToSmiley activity. Where I had mentioned about a various ways how bad smells can be caused at your place and what were the effects of it on your activities. Well, today I am here to share the review of the Product Ambi Pur Air Effects which is the same product which was the main weapon using which I fought against the Bad Smells and made them disappear from my home.

The activities or the processes which are the causes of the bad smells at your home are something which you cannot avoid in your life, such as when you cook ghee at your home or the stinks which come out of your toilets. You just can’t avoid using the toilets if it stinks after your use, its a natural activity and you cannot stop it from happening. But the question arises that what should you do when such bad smells are there in your home?

As mentioned in the previous article that the very first step to be taken in avoiding the bad smell is to clean the place from where the smell is coming. Cleaning of that place is the first and foremost work to be done to remove the smell from that place. If your clothes are dirty than you should put them in the laundry, if there are some rotten eggs, fruits or vegetables than you should throw them away as they are also not safe for consumption, if your dustbin is smelling a lot then probably you should throw the garbage first, wash the dustbin with some detergent in water else buy a new dustbin. And then you can light some incense sticks or use a room freshener to make the smell disappear completely.

These cases were something which generally don’t happen everyday, but in case if you have a small baby at your home than surely his farts are gonna fill the room with an unpleasant smell. You may be used to the smell of your baby as you being the parent are always with the baby, but imagine some guests visiting your place and that innocent baby repeats that act in their presence then surely your guests won’t be liking it. At that time you are not going to throw the baby out of the room, and lighting the incense sticks also won’t help much. So what are you gonna do?

Ambi Pur took this challenge and they came up with the best solutions for it with their product known as the Ambi Pur Air Effects. You might have seen some commercial ads where a room full of stinky things turned out to smell like a garden when Ambi Pur Air Effects was used and the people who first run away from that due to the presence of those stinky objects at that place started loving to stay at that place after the Ambi Pur Air Effects was used, even I was shocked after watching those videos and then I practically decided to try it.

A few days before I was using the Air Wick room freshener, but after watching those ads I decided to try the Ambi Pur Air Effects .


And here are some conclusions I made after comparatively using both the products:

  • Generally after using toilets Air Wick Room Freshener was normally required to spray for 2 to 3 times but surprisingly Ambi Pur did the work in a single spray.
  • While using it to avoid the bad smell coming near the dustbin, other product required to sprayed for 2 to 3 times and the fragrance used to last for 30 minutes maximum. But Ambi Pur did the work in 2 sprays and the fragrance lasted for more than 2 hours. That was really great.
  • The other spray never used to mix with the smell and neutralize it, but Ambi Pur used to mix with the smell, make the bad smell disappear and leave a long lasting fragrance for a long time.
  • The Ambi Pur gives you the same smell no matter what was your purpose of your, whereas the other product used to make me feel a little presence of it when the fragrance started to disappear after a few minutes of use.

Ambi Pur gives a great fragrance on minimum amount of use and completely neutralizes the presence of bad smell from the room which is the only reason I loved using it and I would surely recommend it to you from my side.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley at BlogAdda in association with Ambi Pur.


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