2 Methods to Import your contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is popular and sizzling on smartphone market this year. When Samsung S6 hits the mobile phone market, some guys may have already switched from iPhone to Samsung S6 or S6 Edge. If you are one member of the group, then you should have a lot things to do when handling the brand-new Samsung S6. The most important thing should be transferring all contact list from old iPhone to the new Samsung S6. Now I will share 2 good ways with you guys.
As iPhone and Samsung S6 are running different mobile operating systems, so it would be a little difficult to do this. If you have few contacts on iPhone, you can enter the contacts to Samsung S6 manually one by one. If there are hundreds of people on your iPhone contact list, you’d better take a look at the below 2 methods:

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6 via iCloud

Cloud servers are of great use in our daily life. Now you can take full use of iCloud to migrate your iPhone contacts to Samsung S6 step by step:
1. Visit iCloud website on computer. If you have never synced your iPhone contacts with iCloud, please open your iPhone and go to settings to sync contacts with iCloud firstly.
2. Select all your contacts and export to vCard.
3. Copy the vCard file(VCF) to Samsung S6 storage.
4. Now please take out your Samsung S6, go to contacts to import from storage vCard(VCF file).
Now all your contacts should have been migrated from iPhone to Samsung S6.
Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung S6 via Third-Party Programs
There are various mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, BlackBerry and etc., so software developers have announced some programs for switching files between mobile phones such as the Gihosoft phone to phone transfer. It can transfer contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, calendar and more from iPhone to Samsung S6. Now I will take it for example:
1. Please download and install the software for its official website.
2. Start the software on your computer, then connect iPhone and Samsung S6 to your computer via USB.
3. Select and copy iPhone contacts to Samsung S6.
Now you can browse the contact list on your new Samsung S6 phone, all the contact information such as name, title, phone number, Email and etc should be successfully transferred from iPhone to Samsung S6.
There are more methods about how to migrate data from iPhone to Android mobile phones and tablets, or transfer data from iTunes backup to Android smartphones. You can make a search in Google to get more alternatives. To get more solutions about how to switch contacts from iPhone to Android phones here.

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