Exposed: Amazon Fraud to register new customers

Frauds from famous eCommerce websites such as Flipkart and Snapdeal are trending very much nowadays. People got stones in place of laptops, mangoes in place of mobiles, overpriced deals and lots more. Even after all this I trusted purchasing things from Amazon, but the recent experience that I faced with Amazon is something that made be call Amazon a ‘FRAUD’.

I had ordered Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone from amazon with the order no. 404-4165640-868***5. I used a promo code ‘FREEBLUE’ with the benefit of which I had to pay only Rs. 13 for the product. I paid it using a gift card and my order was confirmed by amazon.


After a few hours I got the message that my order has been cancelled by amazon. I contacted them and them said that there was a pricing error.

This is the latest fraud by amazon where they are fooling their customers. They first put some offer and then later when the customers purchase it, they cancel the order saying that it was a pricing error. And this was not the first case that happened with me, a few months back I had also ordered Energizer MAX Alkaline Battery E91BP4 AA with order number 404-9257552-465***5 from amazon. And they had cancelled that order as well in the same way.

amazon3 amazon4

This is a new fraud by amazon just to attract customers. Once a customer completes the order, they cancel it.

How does this fraud exactly work for Amazon?

This fraud is just to attract customers and it works in the following way:

  • A customer is informed about such offer by Amazon and he purchases that product.
  • Trusting on the offer he suggests the deal to his friends, relatives and colleagues and those people also buy it from Amazon.
  • Out of them there are a few people who are new to Amazon and they download the Amazon app and register for the first time on Amazon.
  • This chain continues as the next set of people do inform about it to few more people and those people also buy from Amazon.
  • Amazon confirms the order and also sends confirmation mails to the customers.
  • After sometime when Amazon is done with getting many new customers, it declares that the product is out of stock.
  • A few of the lucky people who got their orders confirmed are very happy, but the others who missed it browse for some other products on Amazon. By this Amazon gets a lot of traffic on their site.
  • Then after a few hours Amazon cancels all the orders calling it a pricing error.
  • A few of those customers who call regarding the cancellation of that order are said that there was a pricing error and the customer service person has no rights to get the order delivered to you. And those customers have no option rather than forgetting about it.
  • To show that they are not fake, Amazon also acts a little by delivering the product to a few customers. But the other customers have to satisfy with the fake reason given by Amazon such as Limited stock or pricing error.
  • And by this time, Amazon has ended up getting thousand of new customers who have registered for the first time and downloaded the app.

While other sites like Snapdeal, Flipkart and Shopclues are investing some funds in rewarding their customers who join their website by the Refer and Earn contests, Amazon is just trying to get customers for free with such fraud tricks. I would recommend everyone to stop purchasing from Amazon. Sites like Flipkart and Snapdeal may have cheated mistakenly with one out of many customers, but Amazon is cheating thousands of customers with such kinds of fraud activities.


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