#LiveLodgycal drive in Goa

I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by BlogAdda.com in association with Renault India


A couple of weeks ago I shared the five things of my world which I would love to carry when I travelling in the all new Renault Lodgy, you can read about them in the article Don’t be a tourist, Be a traveler which was also written for the #LiveLodgycal contest. Fortunately my entry was selected among the winners of this contest for which I had won a weekend trip in Goa. This article is all about the fun I had in Goa and the great experience I had with the team of Blogadda and other 39 best Bloggers from all over India.


The journey was to start from 19th June 2015, but the excitement for it started well before a week. Team of Blogadda kept us updated about the schedules and our team for the Lodgy Drive via Twitter and Emails. It was fun meeting everyone for the first time on a Whatsapp group to decide the team name. After some good discussion we decided our team name as ‘LodgyCool’.

Day 1, 19/06/2015

A rainy day in Mumbai, and that too one of the heaviest of this season. Traveling in heavy rains is never easy that too in a city like Mumbai, only I know how I managed to get a cab and reach the airport from my place. I reached the airport around 12 pm and was very happy to meet the team members of the team LodgyCool after checking in. I met Atul Sabnis, Ankit Jain and Tanmay Pangam at the security check counter and we took a selfie at the airport. Flights were delayed a little due to heavy rains and we all enjoyed that time introducing each other and cracking some funny jokes. Well, I was the youngest one among all my team members as well as the other 20-30 bloggers who were flying from Mumbai which was the only reason I was also filling a little nervous on this trip. But after meeting my team members and all other bloggers who were joining me in the trip and having some introductory chat with them, all my nervousness went away, a few of us became very good friends by the time we boarded inside the flight from Mumbai to Goa. We reached Goa by 3 pm and were taken to The Leela Palace Hotels from the airport.

Living in a hotel like The Leela Palace was a dream for many bloggers like me and I am really thankful to Renault and Blogadda to giving me this opportunity. We got a traditional welcome at the hotel with garlands, but we all were stunned after watching the beauty of the hotel, the hotel was just like heaven. We had some snacks at the hotel, collected the keys of our rooms and then we went fresh up inside the rooms. After entering the room I met my team mate Ankit who was also my room partner. It took around 30 minutes for both of us just to appreciate the beauty of the rooms and take pictures of a small fish pond which was visible from the balcony of the room.

The view of the Hotel from my room.
Rooms at The Leela Palace
List of activities to be performed

We then headed for a conference by the Renault team at 7 pm. RJ Archana was the host and she started with calling every team in the front to introduce themselves with everyone in the hall. We had some briefing from the team of Renault where the discussed about the product Renault Lodgy. After the conference we headed for the dinner where some delicious dishes were waiting for us. Ankit Jain being a team mate and room partner was also my food partner as we both were pure vegetarians and we both had to look for the green dot before taking something inside the plate. The day 1 was called off after the dinner and we all went back to the rooms.

Day 2, 20/06/2015.

With a lot of excitements we all were ready to drive the Renault Lodgy. Each team was given one lodgy and we had a route  which was decided for all the bloggers to travel with the Lodgy. We started our journey in Lodgy which was assigned number 5, which was basically our team number. Renault Lodgy is available as two different variants as Renault Lodgy 85 PS RxZ and Renault Lodgy 110 PS RxL. Our car was the RxZ model, and Tanmay was driving it first. The flag off was done around 10:15 am, and we started the jouney. We halted at various places to change the drivers and take some individual as well as team selfies which was a part of the activities assigned to us. We had the end point at The Lalit Hotel where we were supposed to have our lunch, before that we enjoyed some time at the beach and clicked many photos there. The lunch at The Lalit made us suck our fingers, it was damn delicious.

The route
Selfie inside the Lodgy
Atul at the wheel (Large)
Team mate Atul Sabnis on the driver’s seat.

Now was the time to complete the other half part of the Lodgy drive and this time we got a chance to ride the Renault Lodgy PS RxL which is my favorite among the two variants. We traveled the same route to go back to The Leela Palace hotel. We enjoyed taking pictures, singing songs in the car. We had a great travel in the Lodgy. We reached at around 5:30 in the evening and we got back to our rooms after having a cup of tea with some biscuits. We had a meet at 7 pm where a few bloggers were about to share their success stories and then the meet was gonna be officially called off by the Team of Renault.

IMG_20150620_171322 (Large)
Just imagine how spacious the car is, I can entirely fit into it.
The ForeFront band performing Live!!

Ankita, the marketing head of Blogadda invited 5 bloggers to share their experiences with us. There was a concluding speech by the team of Renault and the Lodgy Drive and after that the stage was all set for the best band of Goa, The Forefront Band. I really salute the way they performed, their beats made all the bloggers from a college student to a retired blogger cum biker to dance in the middle. I, my team mate Ankit and Atul, new friends Nikhil, Saurabh, Jimmy, Ankit, Piyush and many others were not that great dancers on stage, but the rocking performance by the Forefront band got our feet moving. Then there was a rocking performance with the voice and the dance by gorgeous Neha Kapoor, she set the stage on fire. Well, that was all, we were partying late till 12 and then we went back to our rooms after finishing the dinner. And the Day 2 ended with this.

Day 3, 21/06/2015.

This was the day which I was never waiting for, it was the day when we were to leave Goa. The same day was declared as Yoga Day by Hon. Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi, but when the entire world was busy doing Yoga, we were sleeping that lazily as if we had sold horses yesterday, I am literally pointing to the Hindi Proverb “Ghode bechkar so jana”. I woke up at 8 am when the social networks were flooded with the tweets and shares of the Yoga day and the Fathers Day. I just got ready and packed my luggage because we were leaving on that day. I had a delicious breakfast at the hotel and then I enjoyed a little cycling in the hotel. We had to board the bus which was gonna leave at 12 pm from the hotel to catch the flight at 3 pm for Mumbai.

All the bloggers from Mumbai were in the same bus and we reached the airport around 1 pm. We checked in and collected the boarding passes, and were waiting to board inside the flight at the waiting section. The flights were late but we all utilized our time in our own ways reading magazines, looking at the pictures taken during this visit to Goa, a few were also busy listening to music and watching the scorecard of the cricket match between India and Bangladesh. We boarded inside the flights around 3:30 pm and reached Mumbai by 5 pm. Rains were waiting to trouble us again as we moved out of the Airport. We all went to our respective homes after wishing a final goodbye to everyone.

Thanks a ton to Blogadda and Renault for organizing such a great event. The fun ended but the memories are gonna stay for the entire life. Visit this page over here if you wish to know much more about the #LiveLodgycal drive. That’s all, thanks for reading and do remember:

“Don’t be a Tourist, Be a Traveler”.


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