5 Best iPhone Games Based on Popular Gaming Franchises

One of the great aspects of gaming on consoles such as the latest PlayStation or Xbox is that those systems carry games with established franchises and deep story lines that can be incredible immersing.


Now, with all the progress being made on the gaming side of smartphones, some of the most popular franchises in gaming are making an appearance on mobile as well, and in most cases bring novel experiences that perfectly suit gaming on the go.

Let’s take a look at some of the best examples of games that made a transition from consoles to the iPhone and the iPad, without altering the essence of their console entries.

1. Fallout Shelter

If you are even mildly interested in resource management games, then you will love Fallout Shelter (free with in app purchases). The Fallout console games may be amazing for aficionados to shooting games, but their concept couldn’t be further from the game’s iOS counterpart.



In Fallout Shelter, you are in charge of managing an underground vault and make it prosper. Not only you have to take care of optimizing all the vault’s resources, but you also need to look after all of the vaults inhabitants and external threats that put your shelter in danger.


2. Hitman Go

The Hitman series is very popular on consoles, where gamers guide a hired assassin though various scenarios in order to fulfill missions in different ways.



All of this translates perfectly in Hitman Go for iOS ($1.99) a strategy and espionage game where you control Agent 47, the main character of this popular franchise as he moves across board-like scenarios trying to sneak his way to the goal by ‘eliminating’ the least number of obstacles.



The puzzle element in this game is masterfully done, and its mechanics increase in complexity as you progress across levels, with most of them being quite challenging and entertaining.

3. Rayman Jungle Run

The Rayman games are known for being among the best in the platformer genre, with tight level design and challenging enemies.



This all makes an almost perfect transition to iOS devices. On the iPhone and the iPad,Rayman Run ($2.99) is now a game where the main character is constantly on the run across gorgeously detailed levels full of enemies and deadly obstacles. The game is tons of fun and will have you struggling to get the perfect timing on that last jump before reaching the goal.


4. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

While the acclaimed Assassin’s Creed console games take place mostly on land as adventure titles, Assassin’s Creed Pirates for iOS (free with in app purchases) takes the adventure to the sea.



There, you play as one of the most feared pirates of the Caribbean and you have to build your own ship and crew to take to the sea and engage in naval combats. The game sports surprisingly deep customization and combat systems, and its gorgeous visuals are just the icing on the cake.


5. Metal Gear Solid Touch

Few franchises in gaming carry the weight and lineage of Metal Gear, the ultra popular game series where you control Snake, a hero soldier in charge of undertaking sneaking missions to save the world from terrorists’ threats.


With Metal Gear Solid Touch for iOS ($0.99) the entire experience has been streamlined as a third person shooter. While this might be a letdown if you are expecting engrossing storylines like on the console games, the tight and responsive controls and the great graphics definitely more than makes up for it.



And that’s about it. If you are a fan of console gaming and have never even considered gaming on your iPhone or iPad, don’t hesitate to try out these games, they are all great time killers that do a great job of bringing their console counterparts’ legacies to mobile.


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