Review: Renault Lodgy


Last week I had posted about my weekend spent in Goa for the #LiveLodgycal drive, I with my teammates had driven Renault Lodgy over a distance of approx 80 kilometres and here is the review of the Renault Lodgy.

Before going to Goa I had heard many things about Lodgy that its a spacious car, it has a great power engine and the biggest of all was it is the biggest competitor of Innova. I did some homework by marking some points where I need to test the Lodgy properly, and here is what I observed about Lodgy:

The Outside View: Exterior and Styling.

The first thing before driving what you see about a car is the looks of that car. And the looks of the Lodgy are almost same like a normal MPV, not so great but at the same time they are so dull as well. There is plenty of chrome at front, sides as well as rear. The Lodgy badge in fact is all in chrome at the rear door. There is nice looking front fascia, the side profile is like any other MPV, but there is a dash of chrome here too in the form of side body mouldings. The rear gets very different looking tail lamp cluster and a chrome slat here too. According to me its not that attractive like a Sedan, but it is good compared to a 8 seater MPV.

 The Inside View: Interior and the Comforts.

The interiors of the car is what reminds us about the Renault Duster, but at the same time it is the point where the car scores high. There is dual tone interior tone, tonnes of features like touch screen audio-video-navigation system, steering mounted audio controls, cruise control, tilt-steering, driver side seat height adjust, arm-rest for driver, lumbar support, plenty of cubby holes and storage spaces, deep door pockets, charging ports in all 3 rows, roof mounted AC vents for all 3 rows to name a few. The list of features is fairly long. It also gets safety features like ABS and Airbags. There is nothing very fancy here, but everything seems very practical.

At the same time I also noticed the point which is different in the RxL model and in the RxZ model, the driver’s seat in the RxL model is not what a driver would like, it creates a big gap between the seat and the driver’s knees. This problem is okay if you are driving the car for a shorter distance, but if you are taking it for long distances then surely you will be sitting with a bag of ice cubes to apply on your thighs and the knees. This problem is taken care in the RxZ model where the driver has the options to adjust his seat diagonally, which means that he can adjust the seat according to his comforts.

About the Ride and Handling.

This is another area where Renault Lodgy pleasantly surprised us with its well mannered dynamics. The suspension has been very well tuned to provide good handling and smooth ride. There is no body roll and it drives like an everyday car (even better than some sedans) in the city as well as on highway. The steering is well weighted, in fact slightly on heavier side, which gives you a confident inspiring road feedback event at very high speeds. In fact, we found the ride and handling very close to the Duster, which is well known for its superior ride and handling.

The Space.

This car is very famous for its space and trust me it has that big space which can carry a lot of things in it and if you are planning for a family trip then a family of 8-9 members can comfortably travel in it. You can also remove the third row and create a big space to carry all what you need.

My opinion:

If asked to choose between the Innova and the Lodgy I would choose the Renault Lodgy as it is technically more advanced and is very comfortable for long travels. It has a great power engine and is best in terms of space inside the car.


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