5 Creative Crafts for Kids.

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun.

– Albert Einstein

I was looking at the articles of crafts category where I found some great creative ideas and inspiring from them here I post my article of creative ideas which is generally for kids. Here are the 5 creative craft ideas that should be taught to kids:

1. Paper Weaving.

maxresdefault (1)

I have great memories of doing this in school, but never realized the amazing things you can make with this technique! You’re basically going to fold one piece of paper in half and cut several slits in the paper where your paper strips will be weaved in and out of. Try doing this with paintings and photos for a really cool effect! Check out this blog for lots of paper weaving ideas.

2. Homemade marble maze.


This little project will not only keep the kids busy, but is also a great learning experience for them. Cutting and placing the straws to make a good maze for the marble may take some trial and error, so be sure to place all of the straws where you want them before gluing the straws down.

3. Glove monsters.


Have old gloves at your home?

Don’t throw them, give it to your children. They will make a new toy for themselves from this old glove. You will require some old gloves and colorful buttons. Your work will be just to help them in sewing the monster’s eye (i.e. The buttons).

4. Finger Knitting.


The reasons why finger knitting is so awesome: it doesn’t require any tools, it’s simple enough for children to do, and it’s a fabulous way to pass the time– all you’ll need is yarn! There are so many things you can do with the strips, such as head bands, scarves for American Girl dolls, or anything else you can dream up!

5. Rock Painting.


It’s always fun to take something as ordinary as a rock and turn it into a piece of art! On top of just being pretty, you could also use them as a paper weight or door stop. Or, I have what I call a “gratitude rock”, and every time I see it, I pick it up and think of something I’m thankful for. Perhaps these could be gifts for something like that!

You will need smooth (and preferably flat) rocks to get started. Clean them really well and maybe even rub them down good with rubbing alcohol to help the paint stick. Use an acrylic craft paint for your base coat, and after it dries, a fine permanent marker to make your outline. Fill in your design with more paint. It might be best with the kids (depending on the age) to help them with their outline, and then they can have fun filling in the lines.

These are some easy crafts which can be made from the waste products that we generally throw. These waste products can boost the creative skills of your child in an excellent way.

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Image sources:

Youtube, Sunshinehope, Waldorfmama, Easy Crafts.


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