Decorating your walls with memories.

Do you know what is the best thing about surfing things on the internet, you just start to search something which takes you to various creative places on the internet which you were never aware of and you end up on a page what you never even thought before starting the search. The same thing happened with me while searching an article to review on Rewardme, I ended up finding a creative idea to decorate photos in my room.

Photographs are something what we call ‘pics’ nowadays, photographs had their own importance at the time when technology had not advanced a lot. I remember what my great grandfather told me when I was young, he told me about his time before the independence when taking a photograph was something that used to happen only on big occasions, people used to celebrate by distributing sweets when they used to get their first family photo printed. And at the time when even he was a kid, photographs were only in the form of painting which took around 4-5 days to get completed by great painters.

Photography became a luxury and a part of common business in the 1920’s when cinema came into the country, those days photos still used to be black and white. The technology progressed into taking colorful pictures on films a few years before independence. The technology them progressed in inventing digital cameras and today we all have cameras in our phones. But the trend that changed with the advancement of technology was the importance of photographs, in olden days people used to frame photographs on their walls, then they started making a printed album and today we post our photographs on the walls of Facebook and Instagram.

After reading the article “Transformation: 4 ways to arrange pictures” which was listed in the Home decor category, I got the feeling that photographs are not something that should be kept stored in a hard disk or pen drive, they capture some happy moments of our life and hence they must be kept at such a place from where they can be always visible and in such a way that they bring happiness every time we look at them. We spend a lot of money purchasing paintings, but I feel decorating our walls with our photos will make our home look more beautiful compared to decorated them with paintings.Here I have tried to work on those tips and this is what how it looks:

Sticking the photos on the wall and framing them with some decoration done using the masking tape.

IMG_0111 Using masking tapes of different colors makes your wall look decorated with colors and you can do this activity with small kids in your home which will also boost their creative skills.

 Clipping the images on a string


For this activity you can also use the wasted ropes or thin strings that are used to pack boxes. You can also keep the photos updated if you wish to using this method.

Clipping the photos on a hanger using the metal clips.


You can use such tricks in your office and also at a school where you can put the photos of the latest activities that happened in the school on the notice board.

I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.


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